Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Sunday - ACT Beach Clean...

Apologies as my email/skype/blog laptop has died and so I have had to pinch another laptop for the blog and I keep forgetting to post the posts

The weather forecast for today had been quite poor and it was the fourth ACT clean up scheduled to take place along the Akamas coastline.  Elaine and Paul were coming and because they are posh and have a Volvo which can't off road they were slumming it with John and I in our ropey old CRV.  We were being followed to the venue by Running John and Susan because if you are going to get lost it is better to get lost as a group methinks.  Trevor and Vicki and Crafty Jane were making their own way from Pano Arodes.

The day didn't start out anything like as wet as predicted so I checked with our illustrious leader Keith that we were still on and it was Plan A which was confirmed so Elaine and Paul got to ours in time for a cuppa before Running John and Susan arrived.

We had decided to take the route which we knew best and which may not have been the quickest or shortest but which ensured that we did not get lost - it took us through some stunning countryside with flocks of sheep (strange looking as they are) but took us almost an hour to reach our destination with some pretty dodgy pot holes to negotiate.

When we arrived the other members of the ACT team were already hard at it.  Crafty Jane said they had been their ages!  It was surprising bright and sunny but the wind was keen.  Elaine is sporting a very nifty thermal Scandinavian hat to keep her ears warm!

The piles of rubbish soon began to accummulate - all the usual subjects but this time they were joined by packet upon packet of unopened and waterlogged cigarettes - a dodgy consignment that had been lobbed over the side I would reckon!  Plastic is the bane of our lives but even that seems to age harden and disintegrate after a while, polystyrene doesn't and long lengths of black plastic piping neither.

Still within a few hours the stretch of beach was unrecognisable as the shit tip it had been on arrival.  Those with plenty of room on board - or who like Trevor had packed a chain saw - took advantage of the wide range of wood that had been washed up - some rather wetter than others but all of which will be burnable in the end.

We are joined on the beach clean by a number of dogs.  In general dogs are not allowed on Cyprus beaches - in fact I think there are only about four which are designated as being available for dogs.  This is probably because of the few irresponsible dog owners who spoil it for those who take great care with their pets.

The beach clean gives the dogs, like Murphy, an opportunity to run free and relatively out of danger - although there can be all sorts of issues on a beach - broken glass, syringes etc to name a few.

Murphy seemed to really enjoy himself running in and out of the sea and fetching pebble after pebble.  He must have really appreciated the opportunity to be out without his muzzle - a necessary evil if you are going to try and stop him getting into contact with poison over here unfortunately.

As we were going down to Emba for tea we did not hang around too long and made our way back to Droushia with Runnign John and Susan following us all the way.  For once we did not get lost - hurrah!!!

Having said goodbye to all and tidied ourselves up and fed the cats we made our way to Mum and Dad's where we enjoyed a lovely meal, played a game of Noms and generally discussed the implications of the impending depositor levy.  Mum seems to be recovering well from her carpal tunnel operation and Dad is making progress with his sciatica although going walking yesterday had aggravated it a little.  They are both excited that my sister Kaye and brother in law Richard are coming over for a week in the summer.

On the subject of my sister - the photograph is of lovely brooch she bought me for my birthday from her favourite internet jewelry supplier called PIA.  It is lovely and I am looking forward to an occasion when I can wear it.

On our return from Emba we called in quickly to see Sean and Sharon as Sean had a red wine he anted John to try.  We cannot believe that they are more than half way through their week and before we know it they will be gone again.

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