Monday, 18 March 2013

Sunday March 10th - Mother's Day...

It is Mother's Day today, hence Mum and Dad stayed the night so that we could spend the day together today and eat the yoghurt marinated lamb now that we had enough of it!  I had a brilliant night's sleep courtesy of the alcohol and my coughing was replaced by snoring apparently!

I was given a rose by the restaurant last night so today I was sharing it with Mum and placed it on the breakfast table.

I had bought her a dressing gown as she had wanted a lightweight one.  There wasn't a huge choice in Paphos but I managed to find one in Debenhams which I probably paid through the nose for compared to the ticket price in the UK but it was lovely and Mum was delighted with it.  Kaye had treated Mum to a bit of pampering when Mum was over in the UK.  Kaye and Richard are off to see the Northern Lights and they text this morning from the airport to say that they were on their way and excited.  Hopefully Kaye is feeling better as she has had a bought of shingles.

We had a leisurely breakfast and planned to go out for a walk.  The weather was not so nice today with a bit of rain this morning and a cool breeze.  By the time Dad had done his exercises for his sciatica and plugged himself into his TENS machine and tried the foot circulation bit and John had spoken to his mum via Skype we eventually set off as the clouds began to gather.

Our first stop was to check out the work that has been done to the Droushia Heights Hotel.  It is full speed ahead it would appear as they were working today on a Sunday!  I don't know if the interior has been completed but they are busy working on the outside and it is coming together quite quickly now - it is hard to visualise what the old place looked like now.

We carried on down to Latchi to get some fresh air and to give Dad a chance to have a bit of a walk on level ground.  We were lucky that for the time we were out there was a little bit of warm sunshine so we managed a stroll to the end of the sea wall and back.

The cooking of dinner was a fraught affair - I had put the timer on the oven for an hour because at that point I needed to move stuff around and put the temperature up for John's precious yorkshire puddings.  What I didn't realise is that on my oven when the timer goes off it switches the oven off so for half an hour the temperature was dropping and bugger all was happening to the yorkies.  I eventually realised what had happened but it meant that all the timings were out.  Still it came together in the end and the lamb was delicious.

We spent most of the evening sat in the conservatory playing noms before we retired indoors and lit the wood burner and settled down to watch a film together - I chose a comedy called Keeping Mum which started off with about half a dozen f***s and that was from a Vicar's wife!

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