Friday, 1 March 2013

Thursday February 21st...

Neither John nor I slept well last night, we went to bed early because John wasn't feeling too good and it all went pear-shaped from there!  Poor John still had a bad throat and I am guessing that is what caused his disturbed night.  MM and C came in to remind us that they hadn't been fed and then proceeded to play some sort of game of chase which led them up and over the bed, up and over the bed, up and over the bed - you get the picture???

MM is our cat with ATT-IT-TUDE and in bundles - Chivers is just a duffer.  He has scratched his poorly back so much that half his scab was hanging off this morning so I had to attack it with a pair of scissors and remove what I could.  MM is your typical adolescent - everything is just SO UNFAIR and now she has acne to prove it!!

I was off to pickleball today and visiting Mum for lunch.  Poor Mum has been quite poorly since her return from the UK - she has had some sort of virus which means she has lost her voice and has a bad throat.  Dad is still nursing his sciatica.

Have I said that no two days are not the same at the moment? - well they blinking well aren't - yesterday was windy, grey and miserable and today was warm, sunny and very pleasant.  Trevor and Vicki had an appointment in Paphos this morning so they were meeting me at the Karate Club.  Tom is unable to play as he had an accident earlier in the week and has cracked a rib.  Jenny came armed with goodies in the form of satsumas and avocados which she had picked from her garden.

Trevor will never win any prizes for his sartorial elegance - dayglo jacket and pink shorts???  But then again you wouldn't argue with him!  Trevor is obviously a natural at racquet sports if not just a little competitive - Mum had better watch out if he smashes an airball in her direction!  

The good news is that with the introduction of Vicki and Trevor to the pickleball team we now have six players on a Tuesday and six players on a Thursday which is just the right number and means that it eases the strain if anyone can't make a session - it also means that we will soon reimburse Tom for the money he spent on our portable net, the indoor balls and the court tape.

I wanted to call into the Lemba Bazaar, Chillies and the UK foodshop in Peyia on the way home as there were a number of things I was looking for.  This meant that I came home via Lemba which is a strange village - very arty and worth a visit!

When I say arty I mean arty!! Just take a look at this house which is just past the Lemba Pottery!!! The village is one of the most ancient in Cyprus, and since 1976 has been the site of ongoing archaeological excavations by the School of Archaeology at  University of Edinburgh.  

As you go through the village and come out onto the main road to Banana Bay you pass by the Kasparis Taverna.  When we used to stay with Mum and Dad we used to pass this and think it would be a nice place to eat - we went once and had a lovely meal there - we just haven't had the opportunity.

John spent the day pumping out pools around and about and was in next door when Minnie Mou appeared with a bat!!!  John said it was like the ones in the picture above and was still alive so he rescued it from her clutches and put it in our garden out of her reach hoping to show me when I returned from pickleball.  Fortunately for the bat it was well enough to get away before I got home.

John had been hanging around all day waiting for Marinos to arrive to pick up the bike which resolutely refuses to start.  As I got back from pickleball John said that Marinos had phoned and said he would be 10 minutes and John was going to meet him at the Droushia Heights Hotel to show him how to get to our house.  We drove down to Stathmos and had a quick shandy while we waited for Marinos to arrive - and waited - and waited - and waited - and then gave up and went home.  John was not impressed.

We have been out looking for Fluffer tonight - we haven't seen her for a couple of days.  I know she isn't technically our cat but we do worry about her.

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