Friday, 15 March 2013

Thursday March 7th...

When I said last night that the cats had monopolised the settee I wasn't kidding - Minni had her head pressed firmly up Chivers' bum and Chivers was stretched out wearing his Mark III jumper.  Bizarrely Chivers has taken to licking Minnie's poorly adolescent acne and in return she gives his turtleneck jumper a good lick (and NO that is not a euphemism for something else!!).

They never moved all night - save for the couple of occasions when Minnie Mou shot us a glance as if to say that this was what an evening should be like - toasty warm in front of the wood burner.  We have made a mental note - the cats prefer the fire to the patio heater and I can't say I blame them.  John put on one big slow burning log and it lasted us all evening.

I coughed less last night and both John and I felt we had a better night's sleep - probably because we had no cats on the bed - they were taking advantage of the dying embers and gave us a stiff ignoring until 6.30am when Minnie Mou made it known that she was HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I didn't mind as I wanted to get up early because today I was having a day out in Paphos with Vix.  It should have been a day out with Vix and Mum but Mum went into hospital day theatre this morning to have her carpal tunnel thingies done on her left hand.  I had my normal dilemma about what to wear down in the big city - it was bound to be warmer and I didn't want to look like a bumpkin on a day out from the hills.  John was a bit concerned about the CRV because yesterday he went off roading with Dad for some reason and drove over something a bit high and after that the petrol gauge showed empty and John was concerned that the tank had been punctured.  In fact it would appear that it is just the sensor for the tank that is not working thank goodness.

I picked up Vicki and we set off down to Paphos.  Trevor is still suffering with his flu-type bug but is soldiering on and had gone to investigate the Arodes village gardening team which keep the area around the square and the church tidy.

We stopped at the Euro Shop for some bits and then the vets next door to see if we could get some proper animal self adhesive bandage stuff for Chivers as John is concerned that the jumper may get snagged when Chivers is out roaming and then he would get caught and unable to free himself.  I couldn't get it there but I did get some at a chemists.  

We also managed to stop and park up and take a nose around the junk shop that John and I tried to go in previously but which was closed on the day we actually went to have a look.  Blimey it is a fascinating place with all sorts of old bits and bobs but to be honest they were very very expensive.  Antique or junk shops are a rarity here so if you were looking for that special something your choices are limited.  Not like when Mum and Dad first moved over here and there were all sorts of old lock-ups in Paphos which housed house clearance goodies.  

We also stopped at a furniture clearance centre we had spotted and there were some interesting bits and pieces there including a rocking footstool that I quite liked (my feet don't touch the floor when I am sat on the sofa) but I would have wanted John to see it because it needed to be reupholstered in a colour to match our lounge.

We went into the five floor department store next door - not somewhere I have been before but they had some really interesting stuff and a mega mega sale on so I got my birthday present from John - pictures to come later in the week.  A bargain as it was originally €239!!!

We had a trip to Debenhams to find a Mother's Day present for Mum (successfully I might add - she wanted a lightweight dressing gown and I found a lovely one - a bit expensive but she is very good to us so worth it - and if you are reading this Mum we really are grateful for everything you and Dad do for us xxx).

We then had a trip to Superhome Centre (next door) for some bits and pieces including a replacement shower hose and I have been severely chastised by John for getting the wrong size.  I could have put money on the fact that I would pick up the wrong one - duffer that I am.

We finished off by heading for Domynate where I was going to use my freebie voucher so that we could have a free coffee/tea.  We also thought we might have a cheese and ham toastie as a light lunch before playing pickleball.

We suddenly began to realise that we were fast running out of time and having had a text from Mum to say that her operation was done and dusted and that she was feeling ok we wanted to get to see her either before or after pickleball.

We got our freebie drinks - and our cheese and ham toasties - Vix said she would pick up the tab and I pulled her leg that she knew the right time to do that as our lunch came to the princely sum of €4 between us!!  We had a quick look around the store and agreed that there were quite a few things that had caught our eye and at reasonable prices.  I managed to find a replacement coat for the one which I had managed to ruin earlier in the week when I got it caught on a branch of a tree and rip it beyond repair.

We had a brief visit to see Mum - the anaesthetic was beginning to wear off and she was looking a bit uncomfortable and in a bit of pain but really seeing as she had only had it done a couple of hours before she wasn't doing too badly although she had to admit she was only just beginning to realise exactly how much she used her left hand.  Dad is still a bit poorly with his chest and his hip is still a problem.  Poor old buggers we shall have to give them lots of TLC when they come up and stay at the weekend for my birthday on Saturday and Mother's Day on Sunday.

After a good old work out at pickle ball - there were only four of us so rest is limited - we called into the UK shop in Peyia for some goodies before I dropped Vicki back home to a poorly Trevor who had taken to his bed.

Chivers is now on Mark IV of our attempt to stop him scratching himself to death.  He is also in disgrace as he lost his collar today - little sod.  Both cats are in as we have relented and lit the wood burner - having said that the temperatures outside are only in single figures.

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