Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Tuesday February 26th...

Not a very good night's sleep again I am afraid.  My sore throat came back with a vengeance and was accompanied by a tickle that crept up on me when I was lying down and then disappeared when I sat up.  I had forgotten to put any water by the side of the bed so had to pinch John's and then he too would get a tickle (oooo er Missus) and wrestle the water back.

I was in that lovely no man's land of sleep this morning having felt like I had had none all night when I was woken by a text from Jeannette telling me she was back from the UK and inviting me to craft tomorrow (unfortunately I hadn't realised she was going to be back and have made other arrangements).  The text did prompt me to get up though and actually although I was tired I was feeling a little bit better so I text Orexi Elena to tell her that coffee today was back on which I was glad about because we keep trying to catch up and keep having to postpone.

I can't remember if I said yesterday that I had received a phone call from a courier company saying I had a parcel waiting for me down in Polis?  I couldn't think for the life of me what I would be waiting for that might come by courier except possibly the Lakeland order but I had only placed that on Wednesday evening so it was unlikely to be that.  Well as it turned out it was that and John had been able to pick it up from the ACS courier office in Polis without any form of identification!!!

Vicki and Jane had both ordered things and I had decided to treat John to a potato ricer after the last lumpy mashed potato episode and, having seen one at Orexi Elena's and having owned one previously I treated myself to a brand new cook's measure which every kitchen should have!!

I had wanted to order some of the essences that Lakeland have - I particularly wanted some essence of cinnamon but unfortunately they are unable to send these as they are food products.  Still I cant fault the service and I shall certainly be ordering from there again.  It's brilliant if several of you share the postage and packing charge because it is a standard £7.50 which is good value.

I began to feel better as the morning wore on and so I text Orexi Elena to reinstate our coffee date which I had postponed yesterday.  I was conscious that she is so busy she couldn't really afford to come down with some snotty cold and sore throat.  I had felt bad about postponing as we are forever making arrangements which one or other of us cannot keep!  

It was a beautiful day.  Spring really feels like it has arrived even though the clocks don't change until the end of March.  There are all sorts of flowers which are in bloom far earlier this year than last.  There are also some fine bugs around too doing their thing.  You can't miss these big black 'uns the sound of their buzz is in proportion to the huge body size!

It was nice enough today to sit outside and have a an early coffee.  

This time of year the table outside the back of the kitchen gets the best weather and it was warm - the weather station was showing an unbelievable 30 degrees which may have been a bit off the mark but just reinforced the fact that it was a bit of a scorcher!

Sunshine makes everything look better and feel better and I must admit that even I was feeling more myself with some sun on my bones.  I don't suppose I should complain too much it has taken nearly two years since we left the UK for me to be poorly - now that can't be bad.

It must have been warm because John took a leaf out of Trevor's book and found out his shorts!  Now there is a fine pair of legs!! 

We took the opportunity to cut back the herbs in the front garden.  I thought that Elena might be able to make use of them and I decided to dry some of them in the conservatory as I might well use some myself.  I kept back a small bunch of Oregano, Rosemary and Sage - if nothing else it may add a nice smell to the conservatory and may even ward off some of the flies!!  I can't believe how much the Sage has grown and Mum can't it to survive down in Paphos but then she manages to keep Basil going and I can't!

Anyway the lovely Elena arrived for coffee and today it was cooler to sit in the conservatory.  Elena is related to George Michael - I mean she must be because with only about four founding families in Cyprus everyone is related to everyone else - so this is our standing joke.  Based on that rationale she is also related to Peter Andre!

Elena brought some home made cakes which was so kind as she is such a busy person and we managed to get her to sit and relax and enjoy a good hour of tranquillity away from the Droushia Castle.  I am trying to persuade her to take a night off so that she and Bassam and John and I can maybe go for a meal together.

I am shamelessly going to give her wedding website a plug  She works hard and keeping a business going whilst bringing up three young children is not for the faint hearted!

All too quickly Elena had to go back home as duty and/or work called - we shall have to try and do it again and soon!

I expect you might be wondering what the outcome is regarding the bike.  John went to pick it up from Marinos yesterday and apparently there has been some sort of problem with the battery.  Marinos went on to explain that the battery (which was in the bike when we bought it) might still be under warranty so he is checking with somewhere in Nicosia.  In the meantime he has lent John a spare battery and has told him to give it a month or so and then Marinos should have an answer - and the cost for this NOTHING!

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