Thursday, 28 March 2013

Tuesday March 19th...

We held our breath today awaiting a vote by the Cyprus Government regarding the levy and the bailout.  Rumours abounded that the levy might be raised but then only imposed on accounts holding more than €100,000 or that there would be no levy on accounts up to €20,000 and then the original figures would apply at the end of the day not a single member of the parliament voted for the haircut.  This leaves the island in complete disarray with bankruptcy looming if a satisfactory way out cannot be reached and soon.  The banks remain closed although the cashpoints are still giving money.  John says that he walked straight up to the cashpoint at the Alpha Bank and that there were only a few people waiting at the Bank of Cyprus machine - the ATM for the Co-Op was also available.  Panic does not seem to have set in - at least not up here at the moment.

There is nothing for it but to continue as normal and we had earmarked today and tomorrow for DIY as I can no longer stand the kitchen ceiling looking like we have smoked 100 woodbines a day since we came here.  The protective paint we bought from Maria has given a rather nasty brown/orange finish to the paintwork and the sooner that goes the better.  However, as the protection is against a re-occurrence of mould (which is an occupational hazard in Cyprus) we had decided to give the ceiling another coat just as belt and braces.  It has a strong smell and in a confined space needs a day when the doors and windows can be opened.

Pullover Boy has found the big hole that John recently dug in the garden when he was trying to ascertain whether or not there were foundations under the boundary wall.  We have decided that we are going to get a nice big plant to go in there so in the meantime the hole has remained untouched.  Now that Chivers has found it we are going to have to cover it over because he likes soil and he particularly likes fresh soil and he particularly likes fresh soil because it provides him with a nice new toilet!

We decided to be nice neighbours and tackle Gregoris's front and side garden whilst we had Al's petrol strimmer to hand.  The weeds have gone completely out of hand and the fragrant rose geranium is ready for a haircut and then a trip down to Caroline at the Herb Garden so she can dry it for her Happy Tea.  The estate looks so much better when the gardens are tidy but with the empty houses we are fighting a losing battle.  I would have thought that with the current economic situation here nothing is likely to happen to them for some time if ever.

We went round to Arodes this afternoon as the lovely Mark had managed to secure us a villa for Janice, Mick and the family.  We wanted to have a quick look round and take some photographs so that they could see what we were booking for them.  The villa needs a little titivating (Mark is on the case) and the furniture needs to be set out as if someone is living there but other than that it is absolutely ideal and we can't thank him enough for sorting this out for us - this is one less thing to worry about.

Jane and Trevor still have chickens although only four of the original birds remain.  They are not prolific layers but you have to think that having started out their lives as poor old battery hens at least they are ending their days in a much better environment.

We went out for a meal this evening with our neighbours Sharon and Sean.  Unbelievably this is their last night in Droushia as they go back home tomorrow - where on earth has their week gone?  We decided to go to Yianni's in Kathikas for three reasons.  First of all we like the taverna, the food and Yianni, secondly Sharon is a vegetarian and Yianni has a reasonable selection of vegetarian dishes, one of which, green eggs, is a particular favourite of mine and in the past Sharon and I have shared a plate and thirdly I wanted to book the next ladies lunch there. We had a lovely meal and I have to thank Sharon and Sean for treating us - we certainly weren't expecting that - it is our turn next time.

We had hoped that the Cyprus bailout might have taken a step closer to resolution but the proposed levy was chucked out by parliament which means that we are in the shit basically.

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