Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Tuesday March 5th...

 Last night's sleep wasn't really any better and we have come to the conclusion that men and women are made differently when it comes to clearing your throat.  Disgusting I know, but John says I am in a vicious circle of swallowing snot and that I should cough it up and spit it out - easier said than done - I would love to spit it out but it gets so far and then that is it - back it goes - I don't think women are built to spit!

John was awake early - I don't think that I helped but as he was going on a walk with Running Susan he needed to be up and out early as he was meeting her at the bank at 9.30am.  Running John and Susan belong to a walking group and they had to submit a rigorous walk which was going to last about three hours.  Under normal circumstances they would recce the walk together but John is still recovering from the keyhole surgery he had on his knee at Christmas so my John was going instead which was a good idea as he knew the route anyway as we had taken them around by car previously.  It was a beautiful start to the day and as it was going to get warmer as he walked John had to dig out some suitable clothing - time to get the shorts out - spring has most definitely sprung here in Droushia!

I asked John to take some photographs for me whilst en route so that I would have something to put in today's blog.  He and Susan were accompanied by Arni and Rocky and here is Susan doing her Mary Woodhouse bit making sure that they behave.  Arni suffers from the exuberance of youth - Rocky is a little more stoic!

John and Susan didn't hang about on the walk and completed it after a couple of hours.  They said overall it was quite testing and the views were beautiful and that when there was a group doing it and they stopped for water breaks etc it would make a three hour walk and Susan has her fingers crossed that the weather will be exactly as it has been today and then it will be perfick!

Running John came and picked me up and we met the others in the centre of the village where Running John managed to pull a local lady all dressed in black and blind in one eye - It is good to know that he still has it!!  We had organised to go to Fitos's for lunch.  John and Susan had passed it on many occasions but had not eaten there themselves so it was a good opportunity for them to check it out and it was pretty packed when we got there.  Fortunately it was warm enough to sit outside because it meant we could have the dogs near us to make sure they behaved.  Actually they were pretty good and only really got excited when another dog (also called Rocky) pitched up and wanted to make their acquaintances.   Poor Joanna was on her own when we arrived so was running around like a blue arsed fly but the food didn't really take that long to arrive and was a fantastic as ever.  She had done moussaka today and I gave a 'small' piece a try.  Thank goodness I didn't ask for a large piece!
On our return home the weather was still absolutely glorious and John took his change of wardrobe one step further - out came the flipflops!  It will probably snow tomorrow now!

This is not as mad as it might sound because I have just looked back on the blog to the same date last year and it would appear that we did in fact have snow.

We had toyed with the idea of taking a walk into the village this afternoon to see if  Alkisti was open for a drink but the poor night's sleep last night and the beer I shared with Running John had taken its toll and that combined with the wonderfully warm temperature in the conservatory just meant that I failed miserably to read my book and ended up simply checking my eyelids for pin holes whilst John watched the TV.

It has been a really glorious day and the skies are still clear but the temperatures are now plummeting - we can't do without heat in the evenings quite yet!   We aren't lighting the woodburner tonight we are having an evening in the conservatory with the gas fire - we like to ring the changes!

We have been concerned about the wound on Chivers' back as it isn't healing - mainly because he licks off anything we put on it or scratches it and makes it worse.  What started out as a long thin wound about the size of my middle finger has now turned into a much bigger round wound.  It is clean and the scabs from the original injury have been and gone but he has scratched the periphery and made it bigger.  He had obviously had a good go this afternoon as it was all raw and bloody.  On the internet it suggested using a sock to cover the wound (with the toe cut out obviously) and this is Mark One using one of my trainer socks.  He hated it and it was a bit tight and kept riding up and exposing the wound and Minnie was just falling about laughing at him which dented his pride.

We moved on to Mark Two - using one of John's larger and softer socks with a modification in that we not only cut out the toe but also cut in two holes so that we could get his legs through and he could then wear it like a jumper.

Initially he absolutely hated it and kept running around backwards glaring at Mins as if to warn her not to say anything.  His attention was then taken by a magpie in the field next door and he seemed to forget all about his 'jumper'.

It seems to be doing the trick - it isn't too loose so that it will get in his way or get caught on anything, it is big enough to keep the wound completely covered and should protect it from dirt and further scratches either inflicted by Chivers himself or a branch, twig or bramble.

Minnie still looks at him as if she thinks it is hysterical and John has suggested we cut the other sock up and make her wear it so that she can empathise with Chivers' plight - no chance - she is like a greased pig at the best of times - imagine trying to get her ample figure in a sock!


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    1. A week on and he is still having to wear one - everytime we remove it he scratches himself raw again. John is fast running out of socks.