Saturday, 20 April 2013

Friday April 5th...

It was a beautiful start to today which was just as well as it was day two that we had allocated to DIY – with our stalkers Wendy and Bill arriving on Wednesday we are keen to get some of the jobs out of the way.  We still have no internet or home phone – John rang and gave CYTA a stern talking to yesterday after we had been told the problem was reported as fixed which clearly it wasn’t – still there can be no distractions without the internet!

John’s main focus for the day was to begin the refurbishment of the gazebo after the wind shredded the cover before Christmas.  He isn’t entirely sure what the finished article will look like but to begin with he is putting wood on the struts so that something can be attached to it – something like fabric or netting or even a climbing plant.

Before the cover was shredded we had thought about moving this gazebo to the front decking and putting something permanent up with stone pillars and some sort of roofing but we have decided that this probably overkill for an area which we only use for a few months of the year.

I am not sure that this idea has been entirely shelved so once this gazebo finally bites the dust we may revisit it.

John has borrowed Sean’s chop-saw which is supposed to make life easier – it would if we could just work out the angles that are required!  Just when you think you have your head around the angle of the dangle a niggle of doubt creeps in and then there is a lot of head scratching going on and to be honest it is only a gazebo but John says that attention to detail, no matter what the job, is key!

I keep a low profile at times like these and stick to what I do best – today it was staining wood – I thought I had had my fill of staining last year – or was it the year before when we single handedly kept the woodmill in Polis in business!   

The stuff we use is called CREOCOTE and I think it is just a rebranded creosote – it certainly smells like it and I seem to think creosote is no longer available in the UK – if you look at my hands you can see the reason why!  

I have looked it up on tintyweb and apparently "The use of creosote as a wood preservative has been reviewed under the Biocidal Products Directive.  From 01 May 2013 wood preservatives containing creosote will need to be authorised for use in the EU. In the meantime national legislation will continue to apply, and creosote wood preservative products will continue to need approval under the Control of Pesticides Regulations (COPR) before they can be advertised, sold, supplied, stored or used in the UK."  

So as I thought not something that the Health and Safety Executive are entirely happy with!

We had been told that CYTA might need access to the house today so I left John and the chopsaw and went out to do some chores.  I had promised to go and see Jeannette before she ordered 1600 or was it 16000 mosaic tiles from the company I have used on the internet.  Good news for Jeannette is that the consultant she has been seeing in the UK seems to have really got to grips with her skin problem having identified that she has a problem with her auto immune system and not deep vein eczema.  She is certainly looking well and feeling great.  The mega order for the tiles is for a project she is planning which is to replicate the London skyline – this is going to be huge undertaking but I think it will look stunning when it is completed – watch this space.

On my way from Jeannette’s to Polis I had to stop the car and let a Hoopoo cross the road.  These are stunning birds that seem completely unconcerned by traffic.   

This is the second time in about a week that one of these has settled in front of the car and sauntered around before flying off.  Normally I don’t have my camera at the ready but today I did and managed to get this slightly out of focus shot. 

At long last we were able to get the deposit sorted for John’s Mum and Stepdad’s holiday accommodation.  I managed to call into C&A apartments and see Chris and his family to hand over the cash – which is a relief for us and for them!  

We have a good feeling about this place - the family are so friendly and I had to turn down some refreshment as I had other chores I needed to get done in town.  We are sure that John's Mum and Stepdad will have a great holiday there.

John had been working very hard in my absence and by the time I got home had completely encased the old gazebo roof struts with wood – I think it looks nice like that but it wont provide any shade or shelter so we are going to have to do something to cover it.  Jury is out for the time being but we are hoping to have a barbeque on Sunday with Mum and Dad if the weather is half decent so will have to do something by then.

Having worked through lunch and with a few things we needed to do in Polis – like put a rocket up CYTA’s bottom – we decided to get cleaned up and go back down into town – get the chores done and grab something to eat before joining Crafty Jane and Mark, their friends Scott and Claire and Vicky and Trev at the bowling alley for a spot of 10-pin.  

Our tastebuds were telling us Pizza – something which neither of us normally hanker after but as there is a pizza parlour opposite the bowling alley this seemed like a good idea.  We had heard that it was a bit on the pricey side but after trolling around Polis and not finding anywhere else we settled on Pizza Deliziosa where a 40cm thin crust meat feast was €13 which we thought was pretty reasonable and it was absolutely ‘deliziosa’ – drinks a wee bit on the pricey side but we would know for another time.   

We almost got them to do us up a doggy bag but John ‘manned’ up and managed to squeeze down the last bit!  Probably wont have another pizza for some time but if I get that craving again I would certainly go back there.

Our big Friday night out was a bowling fest – at which I am a complete duffer.  Give me the Wii and I can get strike after strike but with the real thing I struggle to find a ball suitable for my little hands with holes that my chubby digits can get in and out of.  I am so inconsistent save to say that I was Drag Arse Charlie!!  It is slightly intimidating to play with people with their own balls (bowling balls obviously!).  Still a good time was had by all and whilst the others are planning to make it a regular Friday night event we may limit it to maybe once a month – there is only so much humiliation a girl can take!

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