Saturday, 13 April 2013

Friday March 29th...

It was the most beautiful day today and John was busy busy busy doing his Friday Badders thing so something got into me – it must have been the sun – and I felt the need to spring clean – this tickled John who asked if I needed a map to find the mop and bucket – he used to say a similar thing when he went on board ship – did I need a map to find the hoover??  Cheeky bugger – I know that when it comes to cleaning I am most definitely not my mother’s daughter but when I am in the mood I will give it a good go.

There is so much dust in Cyprus and with no carpets and tiled floors the dust just accumulates and sometimes you get balls like tumbleweed rolling across the floor – our bedrooms had taken on the appearance of some wild west backwater!

It is cathartic cleaning – I hate to admit it but there is something so nice about the house being clean and tidy and something even better about having what John would call ‘fresh hay’ – clean sheets.  So today our bedding was washed, ironed and back on the bed all in a couple of hours – oooooh boy, cant wait to climb into that tonight!
Whilst I was in the mood I got round to potting up the herbs that I had bought from the London supermarket yesterday.  When John was helping Frank clear out his loft he rescued some old yoghurt pots which had been drilled out so could be used as planters.  I bought thyme, oregano, basil, mint, chives and rosemary to that they could be in pots outside the kitchen door ready for me to use when I needed them.  John is going to put a shelf up for them.

I managed to spend some time weeding – the front garden is beginning to look really nice with all the Californian poppies in flower along with the self seeded lavender.  It has been a much more successful year partly because the weather has been much kinder and partly because I have learned which plants will survive and which ones wont.  We are going to spend some time on the garden over the next few days before it gets too hot to be out there!

As it was such a lovely day that I thought I would try and mend my poorly tablet.  The touch screen had stopped working and I had read on the internet that it I heated it up and then smoothed it down and put something heavy on it whilst it cooled it should start working again.  It was worth a go because if it worked it would have cost me nothing and if it didn’t I was no worse off anyway.  It got really hot in the sun – I was a bit worried that I might have cooked the insides – but I dutifully smoothed it all down and placed a heavy weight on it and kept my fingers crossed.  Tah Dah – it worked – I can’t believe it – it worked and I think it is working better now than it ever did – I am chuffed to bits.

At this time of year we often see people in the field next door foraging – probably looking for the wild asparagus.  John had seen this lady earlier – she is so much a product of old Cyprus and I wonder how she views the island now in its current turmoil.  We watched her shuffle up the road and passed the hoardings for the Medlife Centre – a retirement home project with state of the art facilities – I am guessing she would find this hard to comprehend as she walks back to her one room home in the village!

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