Monday, 8 April 2013

Sunday 24th March

Our Internet and Phone have been restored today - that in itself is another story!
Happy Birthday Laura 

It was a difficult day today with the island lurching towards bankruptcy as bailout deadline was getting closer and closer.  However much you tried and ignored what is going on it was pretty impossible until it became apparent that no decision was going to come this side of midnight.

The mystery bird or birds (as there seem to be a pair) are taking the micky now as they make it difficult to get a decent photograph.  This morning they were in the spindly tree next to the shed but by the time I had got the camera they were off but I eventually managed to get a reasonably sharp shot when one was sat on the electricity cables in the field.  Surely this would be good enough to identify it?

I decided that we should have some fresh orange juice for breakfast and set about juicing the oranges which Sean had given me from his tree - very thick skinned and full of pips - I should have realised that these were not juicing oranges but were the sharp marmalade type which produced some of the sharpest orange juice I have ever tasted - it was so sharp it almost made you sweat to drink it - John persevered but I am not sure I will be trying it again - still it was very kind of Sean to give them do me - another time I will have to make marmalade with them.

It has been a beautiful weekend weatherwise and so we have been able to have breakfast outside - in the bit of garden by the kitchen door where we get the early morning sun and where it is normally sheltered from any cooling breeze.  It is so hard to believe that in the UK they are battling with snowfall the like of which they have not experienced for many many years.  Somehow facing economic meltdown in the sunshine doesn't seem quite so bad as it would if you were digging your way out of a snowdrift.

We decided that we would go out for a little walk as we had seen Alkisti yesterday and she said she would be open.  It is good for Dad to have a little walk so it was a good excuse to go down into the village.  With no bottled beer at the Taverna John, Dad and I had to battle with one of the rather large Gin and Tonics that Alkisti has to offer which were accompanied by fresh pecans, dried mango and what looked like beef jerk (from her South African neighbours) and some fantastic fresh oranges (not the marmalade kind this time!).  We only stayed for one - I needed to be compus mentus to cook tea later and John was going to the ENAD football match that he thought was on yesterday!

Chiver's back is improving and his fur is growing back slowly but as there is very new fresh skin on show and as it has been very bright and sunny we want to protect him and so now he has to have some suntan lotion slathered all over the poorly patch.

He is very good about it but we have to make sure that there is plenty of water around for him because when he tries to lick it off he clearly doesn't like the taste and who can blame him!  We gave Mum the job of making sure that all the terracotta yoghurt pots in the garden where well topped up to help him out.

The other problem we have is that the ticks are back and I have seen one or two trying to attach themselves to him already - at least with not so much fur they are easier to spot.

Whilst John was down at the football Mum and I went for a little walk around the village in search of some fir cones - after the storms quite a lot had been blown down up by the school so it didn't take long to fill a couple of carrier bags.  

Whilst out I did my good deed for the day.  We were stopped by a Cypriot lady who was doing her gardening who asked us what we were doing and where we lived.  She then told us that they had lost her mobile phone so I offered to ring it for her and we eventually found it in the house under a cushion on the sofa.  The only trouble was that she had the TV on so loud she couldn't hear it initially.  She was so pleased that she invited us in for coffee - we had to decline as we had left Dad at home but next time I see Anna I will take her up on the offer.

Back at home we spent the afternoon in the conservatory enjoying the warmth and Mum got the opportunity to give Chivers a big old cuddle even though her lap is not quite big enough for him!  Dad likes to be in the conservatory because the light is so much better for him if he is reading or doing on of his So Duko's

John returned from his footie with his outfit for the big old cup match which is taking place on Wednesday week.  The ENAD scarf is never going to keep his neck warm!  Apparently ENAD won today but failed to make promotion so ENAD and Agia Marina will be in the same league next season.

We rounded off the evening with another SP (suitable for parents) film - this time one called Grow Your Own which we all seemed to enjoy.  We went to bed with everything crossed that we would wake tomorrow to some positive news.

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