Monday, 15 April 2013

Sunday March 31st...

We decided to have a bit of a garden tidy this morning before going down to Emba for our regular Sunday get together with Mum and Dad.  John and I have very different ideas about how the garden should look so the day started with quite a bit of debate!

We had hoped that we might have been able to enclose the garden with a natural stone wall but the logistics make it nigh on impossible to achieve what we want – there are no footings for the small wall on the boundary so it would not support anything like what we had envisaged.

To my mind an enclosed garden would be so much easier to dress with low growing shrubs and pots but we want to grow plants to define the boundary and in time shield us from any building that might take place in the field next door.

We walked around the whole of the garden bouncing ideas off of one another before agreeing that the firepit needed to move so that it was more accessible and so that we might actually use it every now and again.  After some thought we have put it between the chairs in T&V corner (which now looks a little bare as I have cut down what remained of the Morning Glory in anticipation of some new growth).  

In the space that used to house the firepit we decided to move the three pots that Trevor and Vicki had bought us on their first visit.  They are beautiful pots that deserved to be better displayed.  To complete the job there is a phormium that will need to be dug up and moved and I hope this will fare better than the Australian Bottlebrush which was by the wood store and is now by the pool and to  my mind looks dead but John is optimistic that it is only in ‘shock’.  I think the brown and crispy leaves are a telltale sign but I am happy to be proved wrong.


The garden revamp started to get serious when we decided to repot the very sad looking hanging baskets and plastic tubs which had held some geraniums.  John was keen to replace the plastic with terracotta and we thought it might be fun to try and grow some strawberries in two of the hanging baskets.

This meant that we needed to swing by Kissos garden centre on our way to Emba to chose some pots and get some strawberry plants and to choose something for Mum and Dad as they will be celebrating their 58th Wedding anniversary on Tuesday April 2nd.

The garden centre is an absolute riot of colour at the moment.  Being down nearer Paphos everything is much more advanced than up in Droushia and if we are buying plants that we don’t recognise we have to try and make sure that they will survive the vagaries of our winters – the hail seems to do the most damage it would seem.  Anyway we got everything that we wanted and chose a very pretty fuchsia for Mum and Dad – not very exciting I know but what do you give a couple that have been married that long – 58 years is a lifetime – like Dad says he would have got less for murder!

It is definitely getting warmer – this afternoon/evening we played our game of Noms sat outside and toyed with the idea of eating outdoors but food can get cold quite quickly and unlike the Cypriots who don’t mind cold plates and cold food we like to have ours piping hot.

This year we had all managed to change our clocks on the right day and in the right direction – strange how losing an hour’s sleep can have such a tiring effect for a couple of days.  I suppose it is a bit like jet lag.  

On our return home there was no sign of Minnie Mou.  Chivers was waiting on the bed for us and was beating the hell out of the throw in a fit of madness.  We called and called for Minnie but sometimes she can have selective deafness or just chooses to ignore us.  We like to make sure we have seen them both before we turn in but she wasn’t making an appearance.  We were a bit worried because in the run up to Easter there are a lot of homemade fireworks let off in and around the village and we didn’t want her to have been scared off – we have seen the evidence of some spent bangers at the entrance to the estate.


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