Friday, 19 April 2013

Thursday April 4th...

ENAD Polis are officially duffers as they managed to lose the cup final last night.  Not only that but the weather deteriorated and they even had a bit of rain down at the ground.  It didn’t seem to dampen John’s enthusiasm as he will watch football whoever it is and whatever the weather.

As spring is most definitely here and we had pencilled in DIY into the diary and the weather was pretty indifferent we got into scruffers and got ready to paint.  Our main focus was on the kitchen.  We had treated the ceiling with some sort of gunk that dried to the colour of nicotine.  I had tried to put one coat on the other week but couldn’t really reach properly so we had a very patchy finish.  We decided to prepare properly and even masked off the kitchen units because with a roller you get little dots all over the place.

When we started work this morning we still had the sofas facing the wood burner but the evenings are most definitely warmer even up here in Droushia so we decided we would change the furniture round and John will pack the woodburner away for the season.  We still have the gas fire which is working sporadically sometimes for half an hour sometimes longer – even with the new piece that John has fitted.  He is completely at a loss to work out what is causing the problem and for two pins would launch it over the field!

When we had completed all the decorating we wanted to do we set about moving the furniture.  This is not an easy task as the sofas weigh a tonne!  Not only that when we lifted the one that is a sofa bed we found the rather crispy remains of a shrew – NICE!  

Moving the furniture brings with it some additional DIY tasks as there are sections of the wall where the plaster is bubbling and needs knocking off, treating and painting.  Looking at the line of the problem and taking a look outside we think we can see where moisture might be getting in – another DIY task gets added to the list!

The dining table is now by the kitchen – it will make it easier serving food although we are likely to be eating outside a lot more now.  Looking at the room now we think we prefer the furniture that way round – it was how we always intended it to be when we thought all we were going to have was the gas fire but the location of the wood burner dictates the best place for the sofas.

We were shattered by the end of all the DIY and moving around but we had been lucky that we had chosen to be indoors working on a very indifferent day.  The cats were pleased too because they like to have us around and as we didn’t stop for lunch but grabbed a bag of crisps and piece of fruit Chivers got rewarded with his favourite toy – a crisp bag tied into a knot.  Only trouble is he wont play with it on the ground – he likes to take it onto the sofa or up the curtains.  Minnie wasn’t about much this afternoon – this isn’t unusual – she often takes herself off next door into Gregoris’s garden for some peace and quiet.  

Our culinary delight tonight was a home-made meatloaf made with pork, apple, bacon and leek – I managed to find a recipe in one of my cook books which was a bit of a relief as I normally rely on the internet for inspiration.  Half a kilo of mince goes a very long way I can tell you and we will probably be eating this for several days to come.  John doesn’t mind though because he thought it was delicious.  I shall post the recipe on my food page.

When we went to bed the reason for Minnie’s absence became clear.  I had locked her in the spare bedroom when I dried my hair after showering.  She has such a little meow we never heard her and after five hours incarcerated she shot out with legs crossed!  A quick check in the bedroom showed that nothing was untowards and she had been a good girlie.  She shot me a filthy look as she made her escape and for once I couldn’t blame her.

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