Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wednesday April 10th - Our Stalkers Arrive...

Today our Stalkers Wendy and Bill arrive and we were meeting them at the airport.  As we needed to be at the airport for around 2.30pm we had arranged to go down to Emba and go out for lunch with Mum and Dad.  As a treat, and as it is Mum's favourite, we had decided upon KFC - no complaints from John as he also has a soft spot for the Colonel and had munched his way through many a bargain bucket on his travels around the world.  In fact I can remember sitting in Langkawi waiting for our hydrofoil back to Penang and opting for KFC!

They had an offer on so we could have two duo buckets with a free litre and a half of coke for just under €18 which between four of us was a bit of a bargain.  John added some coleslaw which Mum loves and some chicken strips!  So here is Dad trying to work out what to start with first!!

The little KFC on the Tomb of the Kings road is always clean and always efficient and just now and again only a certain type of fast food will do and today was one of those days!! We didn't have an awful lot left over but enough for Mum to take home with her for a meal at a later date!

I nipped across the road to a local car hire firm and managed to pick up a couple of maps for Wend and Bill - they probably have some but at least these would be reasonably up to date!  We checked on the estimated time of arrival for their flight only to learn that it was due in half an hour early!  This wasn't a problem as we had gone to lunch reasonably early so having eaten our fill we said goodbye to Mum and Dad and made our way across town wanting to fit in a quick visit to the Super Home Centre en route.  We wanted to compare the prices of the garden mesh stuff that we want to use to cover the gazebo in the garden.

We had enough just about enough time to call into Super Home Centre and found that the mesh material was more expensive there than it was in One Stop so when I come back down tomorrow for pickleball I will get what we need then.

Whilst we were looking around we found that they had a number of really  nice garden umbrellas at a good price and then we found a bargain pop up gazebo that would fit over the decking in the front garden.  

We had a good look at it and decided that we would come back and take another look after we had been to the airport but thought it was probably just too good a bargain to miss as it was less than we had been prepared to pay for an umbrella to fit over the space.  When we went back for our second look we decided that we would buy it - it was just too good a deal - photographs to follow tomorrow.

The Luton flight was due to land 30 minutes early at 2.00pm and we arrived at the airport just after to see that the flight had already landed and so we wouldn't have too long to wait before the Baileys appeared through the door.

Friends of ours, Scott and Sally-Anne Michie, are currently on holiday in Thailand and we had seen a post on Facebook from them saying that Elvis was alive and well and they had seen him in Phuket

We disagree, Elvis is most definitely alive and well and living in Cyprus and working at Paphos airport on arrivals.  We were concerned that if he moved his head round quickly he might have someone's eye out with that quiff!

Fortunately I had my long lens on so I was able to take a surreptitious snap without him noticing otherwise he might have felt 'all shook up'!!

Poor Wendy and Bill have had a bit of a tough time getting away on holiday - the joys of having staff apparently!

When they text to say that they were boarding and it was raining we text back from Droushia to say we were just having breakfast and it was raining too!  

Fortunately by the time they arrived in Paphos the weather had improved and it was very pleasant, warm and sunny.  Wend looks really pleased to have arrived safe and sound as does Bill.  We are leaving them to settle in and get themselves sorted before we catch up with them.  We have plenty of time and we know how precious holidays used to feel when we were working and how we hated to be over organised when we just wanted to crash and burn!

We drove back home via Akourdalia as I needed to pickup a DVD from Elaine (Nessa).

I had tried ringing her all the way from Paphos to say that we would be calling in for a cuppa but her number was constantly engaged.  So it was no surprise to find her with the mobile pinned to her ear when we arrived!

Poor Nessa and Dave Coaches are having a bit of a time of it trying to organise their wedding.  You would think that they were the only divorced couple ever to want to do it in Cyprus and worse the authorities in Nicosia ask for one thing and the authorities in Peyia ask for something else!

Ness had me in stitches telling me about the hoops she had had to jump through and then about her recollections of her previous wedding which took place at a mosque in Cardiff!  

I made her take time out and we sat in her lovely garden with a cuppa - she has a garden filled with some of the most beautiful roses I have ever seen - she obviously has the touch when it comes to these blooms. 

By the time we got home the cats were giving us a stiff ignoring as they had been left alone for too long in their opinion!

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