Monday, 13 May 2013

April 27...

My friend Elena is currently in hospital awaiting surgery.  She has cancer. 
She would normally read my blog first thing every morning
If you are able to read this Elena then you will know that
John and I and all my readers are sending you positive thoughts

We had early morning visitors - our nextdoor neighbour Gregoris came along with Philippos and his assistant Julie.  They had all been at the Droushia Heights last night - Philippos had been involved with the lecture at the hotel last night and Gregoris was keen to see what his house looked like and what we had been doing to ours.  Philippos was like a whirlwind racing around the house and the garden and sitting in every available seat!

For once I was captured on the other side of the camera as Gregoris had his with him and kindly sent them on to us.  It was a truly glorious morning and cold drinks were clearly the order of the day.  It was good to catch up with Philippos who had been so instrumental in our living in Droushia and had been so patient with me and my demands when the house was under its rental agreement and then afterwards when the Hotel had closed down but the rental agreement was still in place.  It was also good to catch up with Gregoris and he was grateful for our clearing his garden - we hope that he and Theodora will be able to find time to come up and relax next door over the summer.

We had to go down to Polis and do some shopping and we checked with Helen and Al that they had fed John and Susan's cat Millie otherwise we would have called in and done it on route.  They had done it earlier this morning but invited us to call in for coffee on our way home from shopping.

John and I are now suffering from chicken envy because when we got to the Smeatons Al was putting his finishing touches on the coup of all coups!  Very impressive!

They are uncertain as to when they will get their brood but when they do the chicks will think they are in chick heaven unless of course Arni and Rocky get jealous!!

We spent a very pleasant half an hour or so sat out on their veranda - the weather over the last few days has been more like what we would expect in July and not April!  

I will be catching up with Helen on Monday when we cash in our beauty vouchers courtesy of our second place at the quiz the other week and then in the evening when she and Al and Jane and Mark come for supper - the happy campers together once more!

Just to prove that the weather is good I had to dig out my flip flops - my feet look awful - maybe I should book a pedicure!  Just goes to show what a few months in boots and slippers can do!  Looking at my flipflops I feel a trip to Festival Shoes coming on - they certainly have a lovely selection of 'going out' flipflops and I seem to remember these only cost me €9 when Hazel was over!

We were off down to Emba to pick up Mum and Dad and then we were going to Mandria to meet up with Bill and Wendy for the last time before they returned home after their 17 days.  They have certainly experienced a right old range of weather whilst they have been here but at least it has been settled and warm for the last few days.  They aren't looking forward to going home and the stress and strain of work but at least they know they can always come back.  Fish and Chips was the order of the day - we haven't found anywhere else so far that can better what you get at Mandria!  So a bit of a sad goodbye but we will see you both soon xxx

What an absolutely stunning evening we had when we got home.  I wanted to enjoy the last of the sunshine so I went up onto the roof terrace and was then joined by Chivers who sat with me watching the sun go down.

His back is fully recovered but both he and Minnie Mou seem to be struggling by the sudden increase in temperature and neither of them are eating very much.  MM has shunned her normal favourite of chicken or pig's liver which leaves me with a problem as she wont eat any tinned or pouch cat food and isn't overly keen on biscuits.

It was a quiet night and some brain-dead TV for us tonight - we were a bit knackered from yesterday and have been so busy of late - next week isn't looking much better and then we have two or three lots of visitors in May so more of the same!  

I know that everyone says it but when you retire you really do wonder how on earth you had the time to work!

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