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Good Friday May 3rd...

There are two posts to read today so read this one for May 3rd and the one below is May 2nd
This is so I catch up a bit
Also Happy Birthday Mum (as it is actually May 18th)
Happy Wedding Elaine and Paul 

We have always said that May is a beautiful time of the year here and if my garden is anything to go by then we aren't wrong.  The bulbs which Mum gave me have been a real success and are looking absolutely stunning.  It would appear that bulbs do very well up here in Droushia so I shall keep a look out in the old Euro Shop and get some every now and again - go for variety as I am desperate to get some height in the garden.

I had arranged for Mum to come up today and for us to go to Argaka to marmalade Annies so that Mum could show her how to do pergamano.  Annie had had a friend over staying who had started her off but Annie had a particular project in mind and Mum was only too happy to help.  She had gathered together a load of magazines and tools and bits and bobs so that Annie had just about everything she needed to get going. 

I fiddled about with some bits and pieces whilst Mum and Annie worked on a card and then decided to go down to the beach at the end of the road by Annie's house as I was looking for some driftwood and a particular shaped pebble for a project I have in mind.

It was exceptionally hot at the beach - there were two people swimming in the sea - and then no-one for as far as the eye could see.  

Its early in the season I know but if anyone reading this is undecided about where to go for their summer holiday then you could do a lot worse than make a trip to Cyprus - particularly this end of the island which remains relatively unspoiled.

Annie has a family of house martin type birds nesting above her patio and the mud pile nest seemed to be housing at least five birds.  Mum and Dad bird were constantly going in and out except at the times when I had my camera trained on them.  At one point I was dive bombed but I sat still and managed to get a couple of decent shots.  As we all sat down for our lunch they were laughing at me flying in and out, loop de looping and performing all sorts of other aerial acrobatics except when I had the camera in my hand!

I managed to save a tiny little shrew that was doing front crawl in Annie's pool.  I  normally only ever see these little creatures dead under our dining table when Chivers brings one in for us to admire.  I managed to get the shrew out and find a cool shady spot where it could get dry and get its breath back.  Mum doesn't like rodents so she was never going to fish it out!

After we had had lunch and Annie had got to a point where we could leave her with her project we made out way back home and Mum stopped for a drink and then made her way back to Emba.  It is Good Friday here in Cyprus so John and I decided to take a walk into the village to see what was occurring.  Everything was at a standstill because the icecream van had stopped outside Stathmos!  We had a couple of beers there - bumped into Mrs B and her husband and Denise and Annette and their husbands before wending our way up the hill to Christos's for a drink and a chat with Alkisti before going home.

It was a big big night in the Wiseman household.  It was round one of the play-offs and the mighty SUFC had been drawn at home to Yeovil Town!!!  Can you believe it??  John said it was a win win situation except that he is, and always will be, a Blade through and through.  Sitting watching the game was pergatory - the Blades never ever make things easy and generally when John watches or listens they lose but tonight they scraped a 1-0 win - return match at Huish Park on Monday - can I cope?

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