Friday, 24 May 2013

May 12...

We have had a right old mixed bag of weather recently.  Last night it bucketed down.  We had been getting the pool temperature raising nicely so that at least you didn't lose the feeling below your waist but the rain and the hail have put the mockers on that!

We had been in all day yesterday and had to go out today, had to because like Old Mother Hubbard - my cupboards were bare and we have to eat - even if it is a weevil and a biscuit (well maybe not a whole biscuit!).

We had received an email today from Keith Watkins - our ACT (Akamas Clean-up Team) leader - which was offering some dates for the next clean in May and which included photographs of the last one in March.

It is easy to forget what a good job the group does and actually what fun we have when we actually manage to find the location!  John decided to use the picture of him dragging a huge length of plastic pipe on his facebook page asking for a suitable (clean) caption - this brought about some interesting responses as you can imagine!

If I had a facebook page which I don't because (a) we banned it at work and it used to drive me nuts seeing people waste their working day exchanging mindless messages and (b) I would be mortified if I didn't get any friends - but if I did have a Facebook page I would have posted the photograph of Crafty Jane and I rocking on a massive piece of polystyrene that someone had found and asked for a suitable (clean) caption.

The ACT group did a sterling job and there is nothing nicer than seeing the photographs of the cleaned beach after all the rubbish had been taken away.  We know that not all the rubbish is left behind by humans who don't clean up after themselves, a lot of it is washed up from the sea but originates from humans.  Plastic has a lot to answer for but just recently there have been packets and packets of unopened cigarettes.

I had a phonecall from Running John this morning - we were going to call in anyway on our way down to Polis to do our shopping - he was having difficulty uploading their photographs to the net - I couldn't believe it - he has had his one IT lesson after all!!  The weather was much better towards the coast (but then it usually is) and as we parked up we could see the rain clouds gathering up over the village of Droushia.  Although John and Susan live in Droushia they are a fair way from the village and Wheelie Helen and Al even further.

In fairness to John he hadn't actually done anything wrong - he just hadn't realised he hadn't done anything wrong!  They wanted to get all their photographs uploaded so they are safe and available for others to look at and for them to access wherever they have an internet connection.

The road down from John and Susan's house is obviously a magnet for the bee eaters as they were sitting all along the power lines - even though I had the long lens on the camera they are pretty cute and get wise to the car stopping and then shoot off before you can get a decent shot.  I really wanted to get one in flight - I did but it isn't in focus but what it does do is show the brilliant colours that they display when in flight.

Blow me if I hadn't just put the camera away and a blinking Roller was sitting on the wires laughing at me!  I didn't get it on film - AGAIN!

As we hadn't managed to set foot outside the door yesterday we were determined to get out and get some fresh air so we decided that we would stop off at the coast before doing our shopping.  The weather was reasonably bright and so we opted for Limni

We both took a camera but today I will concede that John took the winner with a stunning shot of Limni Pier and with a straight horizon!

Looking at the photograph you could be forgiven for thinking it was a glorious day - it was in patches!

We had our fingers crossed that the weather would be good today because Jane and John had arrived yesterday evening and they had planned to go to the Dog Show in Paphos today.  Vix and Trev were also planning to go and take Murph.  Still looking at the weather in the UK I am guessing that even though by our standards this is pretty indifferent Jane and John will probably find it quite warm.

We did our shopping and returned home in time for John to watch the play-off game between Leicester and Watford.  We have good friends (the Stalkers and Eli in Plymouth) who are Leicester supporters so we were willing the Foxes to stuff the Hornets and just when we thought they would clinch it with a penalty they missed the bloody thing and Watford ran the ball down the other end and scored the winner - we were gutted.

When we were at John and Susan's John gave us one of his home-grown kohlrabi.  This is a root vegetable akin to a turnip.  Boy it was a big 'un in fact John added it to the Droushia Leicester City Supporters Club for the afternoon before I cut a bit off and soaked it in lemon juice and black pepper to have as a nibble!

We may only have been having salad and fishcakes for our Sunday dinner but I had some wine to use up so I decided to make some mulled red wine 'slut' jellies to have with my sooper-dooper home-made lime ice-cream!  YUMMY

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