Friday, 24 May 2013

May 13th...

Two posts again today - read the one below for May 12th then this one for May 13th

Oh how different our two little lovelies are...  We were woken this morning by Chivers bringing us a gift of a half dead fledgling.  He did what he always does and shot under the dining room table just out of reach to begin tormenting the bird to death.  We managed to encourage him to break cover and go outside with his new toy and so he disappeared in to the corner where the outside shower is to play with it until it died and then to continue playing with it until he got bored.

Mi-Mo on the other hand is not so active in the mornings, she likes to come in and squeak to make her presence felt at about 6.30, then settle on John's chest for about half an hour if no-one gets up on her first squeak.  She then drags herself off for a spot of breakfast and than back for another half-hour cuddle with John before settling down on the bed.  From here she wont be moved and we often make the bed round her until she does get up and allows us to make the bed properly - spoiled???  You betcha!

Our friend Elena has gone into hospital today taking her dreaded cancer with her.  She was up early and sending me texts as she always likes to read the blog first thing.  I am hoping it wont be too many days before she is able to do so again but her journey is going to be a long one as initial examinations have found the cancer more widespread than originally thought.   She has a battle on her hands and we are all sending positive thoughts and love to her and her family.
I did not have Art today as Sheila has her great friend Heather staying and so unusually John and I had the morning together.  I dropped him off at Badders and then carried on into Polis for my facial with the lovely Kate Fessas (Beauty by Kate).

I love her salon - it is so stylish and relaxing.  I love the hour's me-time that my facial gives me and I hope that afterwards I look a bit brighter although the headband does absolutely nothing for the hair I can tell you.

I have even got better with her giving me a spot of reflexology while the face-mask does its stuff - who would have though I would ever have allowed anyone to touch my feet?  At least she does it with skill and purpose so it doesn't tickle too much!

I have booked to go again in about 6 weeks time and am looking forward to it already and it does spur me on to try and keep to some sort of beauty regime.  Like I say to her though when you have never really had nice skin you kind of lose the enthusiasm to do anything with it.  Having had awful acne from a very early age and now wrinkles and sunspots I was never blessed with a glowing complexion unfortunately.

Yesterday Trev and Vix went down to the Paphiakos Dog Show at the harbour in Paphos.  Be warned this can have a very detrimental effect on your home life and wallet!!!

The Hazzells fell in love with a little cocker cross puppy that was in need of a good home and were so smitten that they decided to have her and went back this morning to do the necessary to become her new parents.

Welcome to Little Madam or Mads for short who certainly fell on her feet when she gazed upon Vix and Trev with those soulful brown eyes.  She is a slight and very gentle puppy who was found abandoned on the motorway when only about 6 weeks old.

She gets on well with Murphy but until she is spayed in a couple of weeks' time Trev and Vix have to keep a watchful eye as Murphy was not 'done' as Trevor had planned to use him as a stud.  Sometimes he takes a bit of an unhealthy interested in Mads (Murphy not Trevor of course!).

It is incredible to see how quickly Mads has settled into her new surroundings and how well adjusted she is with Murphy and with other human beings - I guess that may be as a result of her formative months being spent at Paphiakos and with a foster family.

Anyway now the Hazzell family is complete and they will both have a dog to walk.  

Mads has already been out with Trevor and is getting to know Arodes and its surrounding areas and is going to have a whale of a time settling in to her new family.

Jane called in to meet the newbie and to have a cuddle.  Poor Jane is everso slightly stressed as her Mum is arriving on Wednesday and the weather forecast is pretty grim for the next few days.

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