Monday, 27 May 2013

May 16th - Paul's Stag Do...

Two posts again today so read the one below for May 15th and then this one for May 16th

John was going off on his Stag Do today.  He was meeting up with Paul and the other guys down at Latchi Harbour and they were going out on Jeff's boat the Silver Spirit for the afternoon - the plan was something like going round the top of the island to Lara, stop, swim, snorkel then back to the marina and choose somewhere for dinner.

I felt a good breakfast was in order so was rustling up a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, tomato and bread (all good for soaking up alcohol - not so good if the seas are choppy!) when I came across Chivers' latest offering - a poor tree frog who had met its maker under the dining room table.

My camera is poorly at the moment - the standard lens wont auto focus so I am having to use manual focus and with my dodgy eyesight I am getting some pictures in focus others not.  This is a bit of a bugger for the wedding on Saturday but I am hoping that we will manage with the two other lenses.

Hearty breakfast consumed and bags packed we went off to Latchi.  I had made some chicken liver pate and some meatballs with a chilli dip as the stags had been asked to bring something to nibble on during their day out - John had also stocked up on plenty of water and a carton of rose wine.

We didn't know exactly what boat we were looking for but having walked up and down the pontoons eventually came across the Silver Spirit which was looking pristine in the bright sunshine.  What a difference in the weather today to the Monsoon conditions of Tuesday and the Hen do!  Looking at this boat we are really going to have to do the lottery or get some premium bonds at the very least because I know that John would love to own a boat like this - in fact his friend Sean sent him a link to one on Ebay that they thought was worth a punt and then Sean would sail it over - not sure how Sharon would feel being crew!

It was three men in a boat times three as nine stags pitched up and got themselves settled for their trip out.  Jeff's wife Liz (bunny girl at the hen do) and I watched as they left the harbour.  I suppose if a boat can be sexy that was a sexy boat - long and sleek and, according to John, like shit off a shovel as it has two 750hp inboard motors.  

I can vouch for the speed as I thought I would take the car along towards the Anassa Hotel and catch a picture of them sailing past.  Who was I kidding??  As I got to Yiallos I could just see the tail end disappearing round the corner - gone!

John took the underwater camera with him and managed to get this photograph of a headless snorkeller - by a process of elimination and by recognising the swimming shorts I can see that it is Al - Al and his wife Lyn are hosting the wedding party at their house on Saturday.

Whilst John was away I decided to do some work on our front garden as I had rescued an old rocking chair from the bin men.  It isn't really fit for sitting on although Chivers was up onto it as soon as I had it in position!  It looks to be his new favourite scratching post and I am happy about that as I caught him eyeing up the corner of the sofa this morning.

The weather at Droushia clouded over and began to get quite windy - I wondered whether the stags had managed to avoid it.  I eventually got a call from John at about 9.00pm to say that he had got a lift as far as the Kritou Tera crossroads and would I pick him up.  He said he had had a great day and had been snorkelling - refreshing apparently - the boat said the water temperature was 22 degrees.  They had all piled into the Psarapolous Taverna to see the occasion out - even though Elaine was sitting waiting for Paul outside Faros and at 7.30 as instructed.  To make matters worse we understood they ran out of petrol but fortunately at Al and Lyn's rather than stranded in the middle of nowhere.

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