Wednesday, 22 May 2013

May 8th Ladies Lunch Day...

It was Ladies Lunch Day and we were really pleased that Mum and Dad were accompanied by Frank.  We had wanted Frank to come up to see where we lived and so see where some of the things from his house had ended up - things like the Masai warrior spear and the folding card table.  The folding card table has had a mini-makeover and John has replaced the green baize and I have given the lovely fabric tablecloth a careful wash, careful because I reckon the material is fifty or sixty years old and beautifully printed.  We use the table everyday so thank you Frank.  Frank had some sad news last week about a bereavement and he had said he didn't feel he wanted to come out but changed his mind and we are glad that he did.

After the war Frank and wife Thelma lived in Kenya where Frank managed a tea plantation.  Sadly Thelma died the year before last and Frank planned to remain in Cyprus and live near his grandson Anton but this plan didn't pan out so now Frank is going to move back to Devon to live near his daughter.  We will all miss him as he is such a fantastic character and so interesting.

We had found out our photograph album of our trip to Kenya which was about ten or eleven years ago and also the photographs of how Villa 10b has changed since we bought it.  Frank spent quite a while looking at them and asking questions.  He thought that we had done wonders with our home and when we look back we can see just how much we have managed to achieve and there is still so much more we want to do - we cannot blame lack of time so we will just have to blame lack of money!

Bless John as he was taking both Dad and Frank out for lunch and had decided to take them to Yialos as neither had been and the setting is lovely.  John has most definitely secured his place in heaven taking on a 90 year old and an 82 year old - both of whom struggle to hear at times and he treated them both!

Running Susan had very kindly taken on organising this month's lunch and had chosen a favourite spot of hers in Polis - Moustakallis.  This is slightly off the main square on a side road and is a stunning blue and white building with a nice outside seating area and in the winter a lovely fire indoors.

Moustakallis means the man with a moustache and I missed the opportunity to get a picture of him in the flesh as he walked by and wandered up into the square.  He is most certainly a man with a moustache - it is one hell of an impressive bit of facial hair!

We had a lovely big square table set out under the awning - just as well as it was a very hot day!  There was a very good turn out of ladies. Jewellery Jo (a friend of Running Susan) came from Lissos and thanks to Vix we had some newbies from Arodes who we hope will come along again for future lunches.  The staff did amazingly as we were all served with our food at the same time and they managed to work out individual bills without any problem.  

Mum and I shared a meal and I added an additional 'small' salad to go with the lemon chicken.  I say small but both crafty Jane and I had our fill and it hardly looked like we had touched it.  Anyway it was a lovely lunch.  I will be organising the next one at the Droushia Heights Hotel at the beginning of June and then Marian (who has returned from France and who set up the group originally) will be taking back the reins.  I can't say I am too sorry as it is a real worry as to whether people like where you have chosen and have enjoyed their lunch.  It is a great way of getting to meet new people and over time we do get better at mingling!

As we returned home to Droushia I was delighted to see that the Swallowtail butterflies had returned - they are glorious and a bit more interesting than the 'cabbage white' types that we normally have.

I think Frank was probably having 40 winks when we arrived - sat in the conservatory with the sunshine coming through after a lovely meal - who can beat it?  He may not get the time to come back up again so we were really pleased that he had made it.

Mum made sure that they got back in one piece and we settled down for a slobby evening.

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