Tuesday, 25 June 2013

June 16th - Father's Day...

It was a grey and dismal start to the day.  This is not the weather we expect in June and we had organised for Mum and Dad to come up today for a barbeque as it was Father's day.  Bugger!

We need not have worried because the sun gradually burned the clouds away and it turned out to be lovely - phew - we would be able to eat outside after all.

It is difficult to buy something for Dad - what do you buy a man who has just about everything he could want and, more to the point, as they are moving, both Mum and Dad are sorting through their stuff and getting rid of things!!

So there was nothing for it but for Kaye and I to buy him a couple of bottles of wine because sure as eggs is eggs if there is one thing that is a given it is that Dad enjoys a decent bottle of wine!!

John and I got the house ready - having had Nicky and Mark to stay last weekend the guest bed needed changing - I had washing I needed to do and the barbeque food needed preparing!  This retirement lark is tiring I can tell you - how on earth did I ever have time to work full time???

We got ready in time to go up and check on the new kitten that is in need of some TLC.  We are absolutely sure that this is a little boy - we have had a good look and consulted the tintyweb and we are certain!  This little fella has mucky weepy eyes and the squits poor thing and, as we noticed today, he was constantly going to the cat litter, crying, trying to do something and there was nothing.  We think that maybe he has got a urinary infection like cystitis, or a blockage - either way this could be fatal so we had to get in contact with Irene and let her know.  Poor little thing.

Mum and Dad arrived early afternoon and I took mum up to see the unnamed cat and Tom and Jerry before we settled down to a game of Canasta before food.

To say that Dad and I were annihilated was an understatement - at one point I reckon we were on minus points - don't know how that happened - there must have been something wrong with the dealing!!

We decided to eat outside sitting under the gazebo.  John made such a good job of doing the roof and to be honest we really don't use it often enough!  

John has got this barbequing malarkey off to a tea.  He did sausage, pork, chicken, burgers, sheftalia and fish and it was all beautifully cooked.  We had it with salad, jacket potatoes, dips and olives and Mum brought some of her demon barbeque sauce.

We managed to catch up with my sister on Skype.  Poor Kaye was sat in a jumper having had to put the central heating back on - the UK is having another shitty summer and the forecast is for two more months of wet and windy weather.  I bet she and husband Richard are really looking forward to coming over at least they will be guaranteed some sunshine - shame it will only be for a week because it will fly by.

Once our food had been digested we put ourselves through another game of Canasta - this time the dealing was a whole lot better as Dad and I managed to win a game!!

Another day over!!!

My Card for Dad

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