Friday, 28 June 2013

June 19th...

Because we had to go straight out after the workmen left yesterday, this morning we were on a clear-up exercise.  The aluminium offcuts are sharp so we needed to make sure there were none loafing about that could get into feet or paws.  John needed to remove the rafts on the conservatory roof and make sure there was no rubbish left up there and wanted to check that the new guttering was working properly - everything was fine so that was good.
The props also had to be removed from the conservatory - Chivers was busy checking out the new layout - not sure it met with his approval - he doesn't like change maybe his is on the spectrum somewhere! It is not without a bit of dread that John knocked the props out but everything was fine - thank goodness.

We had a quick visit from Helen and Al - Helen dropped me off some eggs as John had forgotten to pick them up on Monday.  They were giving their old Peugeot a spin now that it has had a replacement radiator installed - they had at least made it up the hill in the heat which was a good sign!

I needed to get my act together because I was going to Jeannette's for craft with Vicki and Jane.  I wasn't sure what to take but thought I could start my Christmas presents early!!  I grabbed some mosaic tiles and some driftwood and hoped for the best!

It was a very hot day.  We were outside at Jeannette's under the shade but it was still scorching!  Vix had taken Mads with her - she was as good as gold - maybe she realised that she is for the chop tomorrow - hope it all goes well for her (that is Mads not Vix!).

I used some of the driftwood to make a fish sculpture as I had the perfect pieces for a head and a tail.  I thought it might look nice somewhere on our barbeque particularly as John has become the master of cooking fish and he actually liked it when I brought it home!

We needed to go down to Polis to get some food and had some post for John and Susan and as we had just learned that they had a new edition to the family decided to call in and say hello to Zak.

John and Susan had been down to one of the animal rescue places this morning to have a look and had not anticipated going in and finding their new pet but this little fella melted their hearts and they took him home.  Their lives will never be the same again!!!

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