Tuesday, 11 June 2013

June 1st...

We were having a day at home doing chores and the like and then we were going to have a BIG TREAT and have a takeaway and a movie.  We had planned to pick up a curry from Peyia and share it with Trevor in Arodes before he went off to run a course somewhere in Greece but this had to change as he was leaving for the airport later today so there wouldn't be time.  This was a shame but we decided to carry on and try the curry house for ourselves so that we could give an opinion as we had heard conflicting reports.

As part of the chores I was clearing up ready for Mum and Dad who are coming tomorrow and our friends Jackie and Costas who are coming to the house for the first time and so I wanted it to look nice.  Whilst clearing up the conservatory we could hear a buzzing the like of which meant it had to belong to something big - and I mean BIG.  We had what looked like a queen hornet trapped between the sliding patio doors.  I did not take the photograph above - neither John nor I had any wish to get close enough to the beast to take its photograph and we were hugely relieved when it finally managed to find its way out and flew off.  We did not want a hornets nest in our house.

Cat Lady Irene has enlisted our help in getting the rescued kittens used to humans so we set aside half an hour each day to go in and talk to them, feed them kitten milk and in time hopefully handle them.  As yet we don't know what sex they are but we have christened them Tom and Jerry - Jerry being the little one on the left and Tom the slightly bigger one on the right.  Jerry is much more amiable than Tom and does less silent hissing.  They are tiny - absolutely tiny but progressing each day and hopefully will make fantastic pets for someone.

Chivers followed us (he follows John everywhere like a dog) and peered through the window to watch what was occurring. I think he would probably be ok with the kittens as he is a bit of a softy on the quiet but Minnie Mou would be a different prospect.  Anyway this isn't going to happen - John is very firm that we have our two and we are sticking to the two! We shall do our very best to help Irene to rear them and help to find them kind and loving homes.

We had our half an hour and by the end of it we had managed to handle both of them Jerry much more easily than Tom but it is very early days - after all we only captured them a few days ago.

Chuffed that things are progressing in the right direction and also chuffed that their general condition is improving and they have stuffed little bellies we said goodbye and carried on down to John and Susan's as they have invited us to share their garden produce and it's brilliant to be able to have good fresh vegetables although I am not quite sure exactly what I am going to do with so many green peppers except make soup!!

The view from John and Susan's today was stunning - very blue sea and a little yacht just off the coast.  No repeat of the Turkish mountains like we had on Tuesday night.  You can just about make them out but nothing like as clear and as dark as they were on Tuesday when we all agreed it looked like someone had moved them closer!

Not only did I get peppers today but cucumbers and some apricots - it is like the good life I tell you!  I thought maybe Helen might be able to make sure of some of the peppers so I text her and she said that she could so we did a swap and I let her have some of the peppers and she gave me some more apricots.  Mum will be pleased as she loves apricots so I can let her have a load tomorrow.

Helen's dogs have both had a good grooming and clip recently and Arni now looks more like the puppy that he actually is despite his very grey hair.  

We enjoyed a refreshing cup of tea sat on their verandah.  As we were there the wind suddenly seemed to pick up and it became quite windy - it seems to do that at the moment although we seem to be a little more sheltered up where we are.

We decided to call in and take a look at the monastery that is advertised off the road by the Karithea - we haven't been down that road before and we always like to go down roads we haven't travelled.

It was a typically traditional religious building - left open for anyone to wander into - can you imagine that happening in the UK?
Outside there were some stunning ancient olive trees and one solitary goat that seemed to have either been left there or had become detached from its herd - having said that it looked in good condition and treated us to its back view followed by a wee and a poo - how lovely!!!

We got home and rang through out takeaway order - I think we were both eating it already!! I have to say that the onion bhajees were a bit on the heavy side and I have had better naans but the curries themselves were very good although a little hotter than we had anticipated. It wasn't overly expensive and I am betting that we will be using it again!

We agreed upon Django Unchained as our movie.  John didn't think I would enjoy it as it was a bit of a western but I have to say I thought it was really good - it must have been because I managed to stay awake!

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