Saturday, 29 June 2013

June 20th...

It was cleaning day at Clampettsvilla - we were in all day and then going out later.  We had a rather large visitor in the conservatory this morning in the shape of a moth which had an open wingspan of about 10 centimeters.  It had got a leg caught up in the conservatory blind and John managed to get it free and give it a chance outside.  Unfortunately I found it later in the day when I was watering and it hadn't made it - possibly one of the cats got to it first.

We are being very good at the moment about not wasting anything.  We try hard not to waste food - it is easier in the winter when I can make soups but not so easy in the summer when salad stuff seems to go over very quickly.

Today my breakfast was banana smoothie.  Even I had to baulk at one of the bananas that was so ripe it was almost liquid but the remainder were fine and I actually like banana smoothie as a breakfast which is just as well!

We are plagued by little flies at the moment.  I think a lot of them are coming from the vines but on closer inspection I could see several coming from the veggie store which was not surprising when I found something that might possibly have been a carrot in a former life!  The massive potatoes we have at the moment were a gift from Mum and Dad's soon to be next door neighbour Effie.  She and her family seem to have acres of land and grow produce so I can't see Mum and Dad starving any time soon!

We took a big decision today and have agreed to try and integrate the little ginger kitten from up the road into our family.  We have named him Charlie and he will only stay if he can get on with Chivers and Minnie Mou.  At the moment it is early days and the signs are less than promising.  Minnie Mou has given him a stiff ignoring which is fine but Chivers is completely anti and was started off as aggressive behaviour has changed to submissive and he keeps running away.

We were out this evening at Oniros meeting up with Jo and Pete who we had met at Elaine and Paul's wedding celebrations.  John met Pete at the stag do and I met Jo at the hen do and then again at the wedding ceremony in Akourdaleia.

I have not been to Oniros in the evening before and it was absolutely lovely.  As the sun went down it reflected on the wreck and turned the sky all different colours.  The food and the company were great - a good day all round.

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