Saturday, 1 June 2013

May 22nd...

For some reason I was wide awake really early this morning.  I think I must have been feeling the heat or something so I decided to get up and watch the sun come up over the mountains.  It must have been about 5.30am I think and it was beautiful.  Everything was still, down on the coast the sea looked calm and it was the beginning of another lovely day.

We had a rather unwelcome visitor in our bedroom this morning which has reminded me that I really should wear my glasses and some slippers or flipflops when I am stumbling about.  On the bedroom floor right in the doorway just where I was about to step was a tiny scorpion about 1cm long Mesobuthus Cyprius and I only just noticed him in time thank goodness.  I gathered him up into a glass and thought it was dead until I put a stick in the glass and it reacted unfavourably.  I don't like killing anything so he was lobbed as far as possible out into the field next door.

Peace was somewhat shattered by about 9.00am when we could hear lots of noise coming from the direction of Andreas's house.

Minnie decided to investigate - giving the workmen from the Electricity Board a long hard stare.

Andreas was obviously having his house linked up to the grid and it was a bit of a 'how many men does it take to connect the electricity?' moment!  I can understand why they needed to shout at the man that was in the cherry picker or up the telegraph pole but why do all the others have to shout???  Anyway we were expecting a power outage at any time but didn't get one fortunately!

We were having a quiet at home day today after the exertions of yesterday and Jane and John had to leave by 4.00pm to get to Yialyia.  We tried to get a group shot of us in the pool but the best we managed was Visitor John and Jane in the shade and Visitor John looking like he is headless because of the shadow and John and I in the pool and I nearly never made that because it was a bit cold jumping back in having set the automatic timer.

Great excitement in the Wiseman household because after months and months and months (get the picture) my everlasting sweetpeas (grown from seed that my sister Kaye provided) have flowered.  

The only trouble is that my plants have grown very long and leggy and the tops have disappeared into the solanums and so the sweetpea flowers are barely visible.  I need to address this for another year because they are a beautiful colour and a little bit of Balsall Common here in Droushia.

I got Visitor John to be my witness that I did in fact have a flower because Mum and I have been in competition and Mum had her first flower before me and this could be anybody's photograph although it is most definitely mine!

We managed to get koupies yesterday - one of Jane's favourites and they were fresh in at Paps so it was a no brainer as to what we would be having for lunch today.  Served with salad and some of John's scrummy yummy toasted bread with olive oil and oregano it was a hit!  We said goodbye to Jane and John and will see them again on Friday when we are going out with Mum and Dad and Trish and Alan to the Meze house that used to be Mrs Nicky's.

Vicki and Trevor called round this afternoon for a cuppa before going to the airport as Vicki needs to return to the UK for family reasons and we are sending her our love across the miles.

We had been invited to resume the Droushia Cribbage championships around at Sean and Sharon's this evening.  We had expected to just be playing cards but had been invited to sample a vegetarian meal Sharon-style!

Sharon has newly recovered her outside cushions and they have put the gazebo back up so their outside space is looking very bright and cheerful.  Now I am thinking I would like to get some material and cover ours as they are looking very faded.  Only trouble is I sold the sewing machine mum gave me because we are so short of space and I think it is a hand sewing project!

As you know John is a confirmed meat eater but the chick pea curry that Sharon made was absolutely stunning - it must have been because John wants me to get the recipe from Sharon so we can try and recreate it ourselves.

Just wanted you to know that the Girlies stuffed the Boys 3-0 last night!

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