Friday, 7 June 2013

May 28th - Worming the Cats...

We were woken early this morning by a very vocal Minnie Mou - this normally means one thing - she needs worming.  As there is a veritable smorgasbord of vermin, frogs and geckos available to her it is a bit of an occupational hazard unfortunately.  John and I always look at each other with an air of resignation knowing the battle that will commence.  

We have to treat this with military precision.  Any chance that MM sees the Drontal being removed from the cupboard means that she skips the country until the coast is clear.  John tries the 'bribery' method by cajoling her with a little treat so that he can get her into his arms.

Once in his arms her expression turns from one of contentment to blind panic and then gritty determination as she clamps her jaws very firmly shut like a rabid dog with lockjaw.  A family row will then ensue with John holding her in something which resembles a half nelson or possibly a full nelson squeezing her cheeks together in the hopes that a chink will appear between her molars shouting at me saying 'are you poking it down her throat' and me shouting back 'yes I am bloody well trying' whilst getting nowhere fast.  Minnie Mou narrows her eyes in a look of satisfaction and victory.  

We try again - John and I are now dressed like extras from Backdraft.  Surely there must be easier ways...

We consult the internet...

1. Capture the enemy - TICK
2. Render the enemy incapable of escape - TICK
3. Ascertain enemy name rank and serial number - sorry different exercise
4. Force enemy mouth open - YOU TRY
5. Pop tablet into enemy mouth and clamp shut - NO CHANCE
6. Blow furiously into nose to make enemy swallow - YOU ARE HAVING A LAUGH

We have a number of patented pill dispensers none of which seem to work.  By the time we have the tablet in place ready to project at high speed down the throat MM had gone into hiding.  We decided to adopt the finger firmly rammed down the throat because if Dr Inna can do it how hard could it be?  In fact when Chivers refused to eat at Christmas she poked her perfectly manicured digit so far down his gullet we expected to see it wiggling out of his backside!

Eventually I managed to get a tablet in her mouth (note I do not say down her throat) and John clamps her mouth shut and blows for England.  MM stares at him and refuses to swallow - after about 15 minutes she makes a slight movement that we take as her swallowing said tablet and John releases his grip at which point MM gives a small smile and spits one very very soggy tablet onto the fleece blanket that covers the sofa (to protect it from said cat) and it mingles in with the fibres to such an extent that it has to be scraped off and no longer has any substance - the best we can do now is smear the residue round her mouth in the hopes she will lick it off.

She scuttles off on her knees like an SAS officer about to storm an embassy and hides under the table where nothing will encourage her to come out - well nothing until she starts to feel hungry.

At this point Chivers walks in - John whips him up into his arms and shoves the tablet into his mouth.  After an initial look of surprise because this did not taste like his normal treat Chivers shrugs his shoulders and swallows, licking his lips and wanders off to his food bowl - Job Done!

On my way down to Pickleball I stopped off at the Framer's Fitos so that I could pick up my picture of the sea horse.

He has done a fantastic job and I am really pleased with the end result - my pictures look so much better when they are framed and when they are framed properly!!

We had a really good work out at Pickleball this week.  Tom was away on a boat trip leaving only five of us and although it was quite hot the fans worked well.  We may have trouble with numbers next week as Jeff has family staying and Trevor and Vicki are away.  We may have to bring John out of retirement to make up the numbers!

There was a nasty accident on the way home right on the sharp bend at the big house that John always says belongs to Peter Andre (it doesn't!).  Unfortunately a bike rider had come off of his bike.  He was part of an organised bikers group and the others were handling the situation really well making sure that drivers either side of the accident were aware, slowed down and did not gawp.  I passed the ambulance coming up from Polis.  I don't know if it was serious - I hope not.

We had a quick run down to Paphos Airport to drop off Sean and Sharon - their two weeks have flown by but at least they have had good weather the whole time that they have been here which is unusual!

A quick turnround as we were out tonight eating at Christos' Taverna with Melanie, Simon, Jasmine and Simon's brother Paul, his wife Jen and their two children.  We had booked our food in advance - I was having moussaka and John meatballs.  The food was excellent and the meal was topped off with some freshly cooked Loukoumades (honey soaked donuts).

At this point, and I am not quite sure how it happened, a challenge took place to see if all the Loukoudames would get eaten, and then a third plateful appeared from the kitchen.  Although both Simon and John were full they just couldn't resist polishing them off - John was the clear winner managing to consume about 25 and he will probably live to regret it!

The children were excellently behaved and John rewarded them each with a €5 note to take with them to the water park tomorrow.

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