Monday, 10 June 2013

May 31st...

Early morning grouting at Droushia.  It was about 8.00am and we needed enough time for the grout to dry before Hilary packed them up as we didn't want her good work to go to waste.

It was a beautiful morning and all was peaceful in Droushia.  No builders at Andreas's making a noise well at least not at 8.00am!  Hilary had made a really neat job of the grouting even though it was her first go and now she will have a little bit of Droushia on her bedside table and she can think of us when she is having her early morning cuppa!

When I said that it was a beautiful day - it was a blinking hot one as well - we went to check the weather station before getting breakfast ready and were greeted with temperatures in the 40s.  It is so much hotter this time of the year than it was last year - it is hard to imagine that last year when Kaye and co were staying in Kathikas they needed blankets to wrap round them to sit out at night and we lent them our patio heater!  

We were all feeling a bit on the warm side so breakfast today was the healthy option of fresh fruit and yoghurt rather than sampling some of Wheelie Helen's lovely free range eggs - we now have them earmarked for an omelet later in the week.

We said goodbye to Hilary and Keith and I went up to Orexi HQ because Elena had asked if I could drive her down to Coral Bay to deliver some food.  Elena is not currently allowed to drive and I was more than happy to help.

As Elena was getting everything together I sat and chatted to Alice Zawadski who is staying with Elena whilst she is touring with the Big Band.  Hilary had said she was a brilliant singer and we were sorry we hadn't got the opportunity to hear her.  She was late arriving at Alkisti's last night by which time we had escaped home but apparently Alkisti spent time helping Alice to learn a song in Greek.

Anyway apparently Alice is destined for big things and if you want to check her out then her website is here:

She certainly seemed like a really nice person and had made herself completely at home at Elena's - she said she felt she had known Elena for a very long time.

Having successfully delivered the food at Coralia I managed to persuade Elena to 'bunk off school' and take some time out and share a coffee at Oniros.  She agreed - she didn't actually take much persuading!

The sea at Oniros was very wild and there was a lot of spray hanging in the air which made it much cooler and much more pleasant to sit outside.

Elena would not let me take her photograph until she had put on her lippy!  Lippy on - photo taken!

She looks amazing in spite of her recent trip to Paphos General and her ongoing treatment for breast cancer.  She is not entirely sure what her treatment is going to be and they are concerned about some lumps that they have found in her neck.  She remains positive and is sure that her attitude and the love and support of family and friends will stand her in good stead. 

I have told her I will help with whatever I can and as I go to Paphos every Tuesday for pickleball can deliver or pick up stuff for her if needs be.

It was really nice to be able to spend a little time with her outside of the frenetic atmosphere of Orexi HQ and I think she enjoyed a little bit of 'her' time.

I delivered Elena back home safe and sound and accepted a couple of bottles of my favourite red wine as a thank-you for my taxi service - sounds like a good deal to me!

When we were at Wheelie Helen's on Sunday we had been invited to Marion and David's for a barbeque this evening.  They have a most beautiful house with absolutely stunning 360 degree views.  In fact I would hazard a guess that their garage is probably bigger than our entire house!

Marion was, and still is, an interior designer and this clearly shows in the inside and outside space.  A lot of time, thought, and certainly money has gone into creating a house that could grace the cover of Homes and Interiors (perhaps it already has!)  Even if the house was not to your taste you could still go away with loads of ideas and it has got me thinking...

... I have now been banned from SuperHome Centre, Steptoes, Pani's, Glykkis - need I say more - I shall just have to dream - thank goodness the nearest Jumbo's is in Limassol otherwise we could be in trouble!

We had a lovely evening.  It seems to be the norm for guests to bring a contribution to the food so I brought my meatball and dips starter.  The puds were lush!  Must thank Sharon for the dress which she gave me despite the wardrobe malfunction when I broke one of the straps!  Must also thank Wheelie for driving - for once I had a glass or two of wine!

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