Saturday, 3 October 2015

Sporting Saturday

Saturdays in Autumn are John's idea of heaven - today started with the Formula 1 qualifying from Japan followed by the first home game for the mighty ENAD at Polis, Final Score then England v Wales in the rugby - what more could a man want!!!!

I had a quick unexpected dash down to Paphos this morning to get my hair cut.  I love my hairdresser but she has to fit me in at short notice around other commitments so I am never exactly sure when my next appointment is going to be and the sun had made my hair grow like mad!  I like to get my money's worth so a severe scalping will last quite a while thank goodness - it is a tad too short at the moment but in a couple of days I will be happy with it.

I was in a bit of a rush as I hadn't expected to go down to Paphos but I had offered to get Sharon a curtain pole from Jumbos - why it is when you are in a hurry you see just about everyone you know who wants to have a chat - apologies if I appeared to be rude to anyone!

This afternoon was the first home game for the Mighty ENAD in Polis - John and John Read were going and purchasing their season tickets beforehand and George was going along too because he is a great lover of football  having been quite a reasonable player in his day and rarely if ever now gets the chance to watch live football although he never misses Match of the Day (even here in Cyprus) and has been a lifelong supporter of Manchester United (still you can't have everything!!!).

I had agreed to take the boys down to the match, do a bit of photography along the coast and then come back and do some shopping in Paps before picking them back up and returning home.  Manic parking on a Saturday afternoon in Polis can only mean that football is on otherwise it is a bit of a ghost-town once the shops shut at lunchtime.

I hadn't really decided what I was going to do but it was a lovely afternoon and I had my camera in my bag and a couple of hours to spare so I sort of followed my nose and did something that John and I used to do regularly when we were exploring with the scooter - go up (or down) roads which I had never traveled before.  This brought me to a taverna up in the hills which seemed like a good place to stop and have a drink.

It had begun to get very hot and muggy, in fact looking out over the hills the clouds were beginning to amass and it looked like we might be in for a storm later so a nice cold ice cold frappe was very welcome indeed and came with a plate of fresh fruit - green figs and passion fruit - my favourite.  I really enjoy the me time that taking the lads to football affords me!!!

As I said it started to look stormy so as I drove back to Paps the sky became very overcast and the sea turned from a beautiful blue colour to grey and silver as the sun reflected off of it - still beautiful but in a different way!

There is evidence that the local Municipality are doing an awful lot of improvement works along the coastline at Argaka and Agia Marina - lots of building materials have been delivered along the roadside in readiness and I saw something in the local news about their plans so it is good to see that they aren't just talking about it but actually getting on with it - probably before the purse-strings get centralised and controlled and hogged by Polis!!

Just thought I would add this picture of completely random over-sized stuffed toys which I think are being used as scarecrows in a field outside Polis - it is the stuff of nightmares!!

I did my shopping - it was absolute bliss as there were very few people in Paps and the lovely Elena rushed over and opened up her till so I didn't have to wait!  Multumesc Elena!

I had been undecided what to cook for tea when I was making my list and as I then left my list on the dining room table had to wing it anyway but decided upon Fajitas - something we haven't had at home for years and years!

I must have known that John would need cheering up when I bought the kit because the Mighty ENAD decided to throw away a well deserved draw in the dying moments of the game!!!  Serves all those people right that left early thinking that it was going to end 0-0!!! Apparently - as I had the de-brief all the way home - it was a good game none-the less.

Sharon and I decided to leave the boys watching the rugby and walk down to Hotel in the village for a drink.  Clutching our trusty torches (no brighter than a 10watt old-style bulb!) we wandered down avoiding two eight-year olds on a moped and the stallion which is so black we couldn't have seen it if it was on a wander.

The hotel was surprisingly busy with some sort of party going on with a man playing an electronic fiddle and surprisingly well.  We opted to sit out on the terrace which was a little damp but quieter!

Sharon is sensible and doesn't drink and after the cocktail I ordered I am beginning to wish I didn't either.  I plumped for a Long Island Iced Tea which appeared with very little evidence of the tea-bit!  I reckon the girl gave me a shot of every white spirit along the bar as it took my breath away when I took the first sip, took my power of speech away on the second and my mobility on the third - even with extra mixer I was done-for and could only manage half the glass and I probably spoke a complete load of sh*te for the remainder of the evening - Sharon would probably have had more fun watching the rugby!

I did manage the walk home although John said that it was very evident when I staggered in that I had been drinking - I found solace in Jasminder Be-Be who I entertained on my lap before negotiating the short walk back home.

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