Friday, 13 November 2015

Falling Apart...

My super-duper instant boil kettle has eventually died and I am gutted - fortunately we can still have a cuppa because the old steam driven kettle is still in the shed.  We have totally forgotten how long it takes a normal kettle to boil so I shall be replacing the other one asap because I loved it.

I shall be researching on tintyweb and then getting good old Amazon to deliver and soon so that the parcel does not get mixed up in the Christmas melee where most of the post ends up in Athens and never gets delivered - this happens every year and the UK blames Cyprus and Cyprus blames the UK and it is the poor person in the street who suffers.

It was up and at 'em the Mighty Chatham this morning as we are cracking on with the decorating even though I am apparently afraid of hard work!

At the moment my beauty regime comprises vim, a scourer, white spirit and Fairy Liquid as I have been getting covered in Hammerite.    Oh how I wish that my biggest decision of the day is what shade of Shellac to have put on my nails.  I used to have lovely nails but sadly no more - it is impossible to paint wearing gloves or garden for that matter and no matter how careful I think I am being I just never escape unscathed.  It was made even more difficult today as I had to put my arm through the railings in order to paint the backside so I ended up with a barcode of stripes along my armpit which wouldn't come off.  It would be lovely to have someone come in and do it all but sadly we just can't afford that so we have Tony doing the outside of the house and John and I doing everything else.  We are beginning to see progress and hopefully tomorrow when Tony comes his bit will be finished and then we can get rid of the acroprops in the conservatory and get back to some sort of normality.

On our way down to Pickleball we followed a horsebox but this one seemed to be housing two donkeys - not that you would know from the photograph!

We wondered whether these were being taken off to the Donkey Sanctuary where Bill works - will have to ask him if there are any new arrivals.  These appeared to be quite small so may have been youngsters but we couldn't really see.

John had no badminton this afternoon so he was coming down to pickleball and bringing with him Lisalotte and John from Arodes who had expressed and interest in the game.

We desperately need some extra bodies on a Friday now that Bill is out of action and John and Jenny have returned to Thailand for the winter so we have fingers crossed they may decide to join our group.

They really seemed to take to the game and by the end of the hour and a half we were all running round like mad things - hopefully Bill and Wendy will be back soon as they would enjoy the challenge of some newbies.

After a cuppa with Mum and Dad and John doing a couple of little jobs for them we drove back via Peyia so that I could drop off a memory stick of wedding photographs to Rebecca.

As we started to climb back up the hill towards Peyia Forest the sun was beginning to set and the dust hanging in the atmosphere meant we were treated to a spectacular sunset - as we got to the very top of the hill near the house that we refer to as Peter Andre's even though it isn't the sun was absolutely huge and hanging in the sky.

This time it was John's turn to take an amazing photograph just before the clouds started to creep along the bottom of the sun.  Hopefully this will mean that it is going to be a lovely day again tomorrow as we need it to be dry for the last bit of the painting which will involve Tony or one or other of us balancing on the conservatory roof.

We debated on the way home what to have for tea as we were going to eat early and then crack on with some more painting.  We had hoped to pick up a pizza from Kathikas but sadly as Imogens is closed for the winter so too is the Pizza Box.

Araouzos has re-opened although as we drove by all we could see was a ladder in the middle of the doorway and it was only 5.00pm so a little early for a taverna to be serving.

We decided to cut our losses and I rustled up a pasta dish at home instead.  

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