Monday, 30 November 2015

Project Poolside...

So it was to be an early start today as 'project pool' was to start today just before the awful weather comes in which means that our timeline is going to go out of the window immediately.  When we have the concrete delivered we cannot afford to have wet weather as it will never go off.  We now have to keep a very watchful eye on the weather forecast and hope that it is accurate.  The photo above was how the pool looked this morning before anything happened.  John and I had been around the periphery and removed any plants that were in the way so there was a free run all round the existing concrete slabs.

The first job is to remove all the existing slabs and shite underneath to get a good bed at the right level with the right water run for the new tiles to get laid on.

This was, to begin with, fairly straight forward (if not backbreaking) as some of the original pebbly tiles were laid some time ago as an afterthought when the hotel shingled the garden.  Some of the existing concrete slabs came up and clearly had concrete below which was set with reinforcing rods some did not.

The upshot was that as much as needed to be removed at this stage was removed and put over the wall in readiness for the skip when it arrives which we think will be Thursday.

Even though we know that the weather is due to be bad for 10 days the fact that there was a solid layer under the concrete slabs meant that we went ahead because even if it rains we are not going to have to face a mud bath just outside the door.

Thursday they will come to build the new steps which will go down the side of the pool and will have a hand made stainless steel handrail.  We had absolutely no idea just how much a bloody handrail would cost but we have decided that this is a once in a lifetime project like the wall and we want it done properly and we want it to enhance the garden in harmony with the wall which we love.

This is John surveying the progress so far - it doesn't look much but 'project pool' is on its way and we are in no rush for it so it really doesn't matter how long it takes and we are likely to have the weather against us now.  As things went so well today both John and I were able to shoot down to Paphos for badminton and pickle-ball.

Just as we were about to leave I got a text message from the main post office telling me I had a parcel to pick up and asking me to bring an invoice.  Bugger - this meant that the item was liable to import duty.  The problem was I wasn't exactly sure what I had ordered that would require this so I had to sift through my recent internet purchases and print off whatever invoices I could find.

As it turned out it was the solar candles I had bought to go in the conservatory. They weren't very expensive so I hadn't thought they would fall into the duty category.

I recognised the man at the customs office - I had sat opposite him at a wedding once and he recognised me - he didn't look overly happy but I gave him a cheery smile and asked him if he remembered me which he did.  Anyway to cut a long story short he decided that my candles were so near the cut-off point where items become liable for duty that he would waive the amount - which was extremely nice of him and I shall make a bee-line for him again should I get a parcel which falls into that category!!!

We had a very good work-out at pickleball as there were only four of us so we don't get much rest.  Being back doing sport and combining that with the belly dancing means I am losing a bit of weight and toning up which is great except it all goes out of the window when Mum and I go out afterwards and find a tea room for a cuppa and a sticky.

Today we ventured into Old Town so that we could have a look at the Next sale and shoot across the road to Boo-Tea-Licious.

We did BTL first because they close at 4.00pm and had a cracking cuppa and shared a piece of sticky lemon and ginger cake.

The Next sale was really good (if you were looking for something) they had some real reductions and I could have spent quite a bit but was a good girl and didn't because Mum and I are having a girlie shopping day in Limassol tomorrow. We used to go on an organised trip to Nicosia each year for Christmas shopping but that has now stopped so we are doing our own thing!

Back at Mum and Dad's I think I saw one of the biggest Preying Mantis I have ever seen which is living in the Asparagus Fern which is on the front porch.

Dad was out doing the watering and I was being very childish trying to get a photograph of him looking like the little boy from Copenhagen having a wee which kept Mum and I amused for a while!!

Mum and I made our plans for tomorrow - I shall try and get down to her quite early so we aren't rushing around and will go in the Peugeot so I can use the Cruise Control as I remember last time we went I thought I had been done for speeding on the motorway and then was actually done driving up past Picki Forest which meant it was an expensive shopping trip!

We had both the sun and the moon out this evening and both looking glorious - looks like we will get another nice day tomorrow but the temperatures are dipping and there is definitely more cloud about.

Back home to all four cats waiting patiently (not) for their tea and curry and a glass of wine before an early night - I slept through the episode of the series we are watching so will have to watch it all over again.

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