Saturday, 7 November 2015

Saturday - away day for the boys

So my cup runneth over with the fact that I have to acroprops in the conservatory - deep joy but a necessary evil if Tony is to stand on the roof and paint the walls above - even if he is only about 7 stone wet through we cannot be too careful.   This does mean that everywhere is in a mess and I hate that plus mum and dad are coming for lunch tomorrow and I have to make sure that there are as few trip hazards as possible - or things jutting out that they might catch their legs on.

I am also in the process of replacing the muslims.  We found some voiles in Jumbo which were inoffensive but I need to join two together and then shorten the single length and make sure that the join falls over one of the beams - this would be easy if the beam was half way between the two ends but it is not!

The material is sheer, frays and slips and is trying my patience but not half as much as the cotton is - I have an ordinary reel but I cannot find the end of the cotton so I have had to resort to a mega reel which does not fit in the machine - this means I have to wind the bobbin which sits under the needle by hand and I have to wind the small reel above by hand and even though I think I have wound more than enough and then some I start to sew a seam and then run out part way through.

Then when I think I have finished one blind I can only reach to put it up one end and have to ask John to do the other end which is OK when he is here but today he was having a boys' day out in Limassol where the Mighty ENAD will be taking on the league leaders.  Sadly Bill will not now be joining the Massive as his poorly back is even more poorly than ever.  Let's hope it gets sorted soon Bill because you and Wendy were greatly missed at pickleball yesterday.

Tony the Painter arrived this morning having got lost for the second time but spent a jolly half an hour or so discovering the delights of Inea - it he had come with Diana and I yesterday on our walk we could have all got lost together!

We had moved most things in readiness for Tony and the ladder but forgot that the last time the house was painted we did not have a gazebo in the front and try as he might John could not get the ladder to sit safely with the gazebo in place so we had to pick it up and move it as far as we could to get enough room for the painting to commence.  At least at the front of the house Tony can see where he has painted as we did this bit earlier in the year with a sort of almond coloured paint which looked a nasty pink in a certain light.  It wont be so easy for the rest of the property as the new magnolia paint is very similar to the buttermilk colour it was painted previously.

It is progressing slowly but surely and all being done by brush rather than roller so the house is getting a really good coat of paint and it is already beginning to look lighter and brighter.  The weather forecast is reasonable for the next week so there is no rush for Tony to finish plus the remaining walls have a lot less paint required for one reason or another like the fact that round the corner the new stone pump house has been built.

We are now really keen to get the remainder of the indoors painted - the only trouble is we could do with allocating a complete week to it non-stop and we have too many other things requiring our time!  John gets a bit stressy about it but then we put a spurt on get things moving and he is happy again.

There was to be no DIY for him today as he was having a well-earned afternoon out watching football in Limassol and he deserved it having worked like a trojan yesterday getting the spare room decorated.

On the subject of the spare room (Mum and Dad's bedroom) it is now looking fresh with a mint green accent wall - I am still not absolutely sold on the colour but it looks good with the duvet that is on the bed and I will make sure that everything else blends in hopefully!  It is, temporarily, clean and tidy, no clothes and no shoes strewn around - take note John!!!

With Tony painting the front of the house my washing lines were out of action so today I had to go and use the long line in George and Pam's although it was a bright and sunny day the sun is now very low in the sky and the line was in the shade still I did manage to get what I needed dry which is a bonus so thank you George and Pam.  I had three supervisors whilst I was dong the laundry as Boris, Charlie and Chivers all came into the garden to see what I was up to.  Charlie has still not got over the fact the George, his mate, is no longer down the road to visit.

Having got the washing sorted I concentrated on sorting out an area in the conservatory where Mum and Dad could sit in safety.  We have moved the two tub chairs closer to the sliding doors.  When it is hot it is nice to slide them back and turn the chairs round and look out into the garden - or at least it was until the pool was emptied and now it looks a bit sad.

I have moved the chairs round and temporarily put a table between them which normally sits in the garden but which I have covered with a fantastic piece of vintage fabric which came from Africa probably 70-odd years ago.

I had to take John to The Oaks at Stroumbi to pick up his lift - he had a great time on his away day even though ENAD managed to lose but the other side were top of the table.  He said it made a nice change to go to a different ground and it was probably a darn sight warmer in Limassol than it would have been in Polis.

I finished off making the blinds for the conservatory along with a couple of other chores and then contacted John and Janet Jinty (and Roxy) to see if they were in so that I could catch up with them.  They seem to be settling in really well and embracing rural life in a small Cypriot village.  Roxy the dog has settled too although there are so many new sights and sounds for her to experience.

As John was unlikely to be home until sometime after 5.00pm and as I had supper organised and under control I took the opportunity to take a few photographs in the village whilst it was still light.  I have a thing about windows and doors and there are so many really interesting ones hidden away.  Not found anything yet for my next pastel pencil picture but I shall find something soon I am sure.  My current picture is still several weeks away from completion plus I am out on Monday at a wedding so I wont be going to Sheila's unfortunately.   Which has reminded me that I need to get my big cameras sorted out and batteries charged.

The cows are still in the field across the road from the lady with the lovely garden - there was something rather scary about this one - its eyes were shining so I made sure I kept my distance just in case it decided to puts its head down and introduce me to its horns!!!

Sunset was glorious - heralding another beautiful day tomorrow hopefully!  Sunday at ours tomorrow and a roast dinner planned for mum and dad.

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