Saturday, 28 November 2015

Saturday - ENAD get-together

So we had the day together at home as there was no ENAD football at home this week.  I cannot believe we are two thirds of the way through November and the weather is still so fine and bright.  It was clearly going to be a good day for doing the washing so I managed to get three loads out and dried which is a bonus.  For me there is nothing nicer than seeing the washing blowing in the breeze - it smells so much better when it has dried outside.

As I was able to get the sheets off of the bed, washed and dried and put back on, it meant that we were going to have John's favourite fresh hay tonight when we got home from going out.  There can be nothing nicer than slipping into freshly laundered sheets which that lovely smell.  It was almost more than we could bear to leave it behind untouched and waiting for us for later.

It was a day of doing 'stuff' but lots of stuff that had been sitting around needing our attention and not being done.  Yesterday when I was out with mum we went into good old Marks and Sparks foodhall and I found that they sold very reasonably priced crumpets, not just any old crumpets but Marks and Spencer Crumpets which have to be the creme de la creme and we put them to the test this morning for brunch when they were topped with an egg and served with crispy streaky bacon.

Louise had asked me if I could come up with some sort of plaque for a friend of their's upcoming birthday and I didn't really have a clue what to do but eventually came up with the one above because apparently his passions are his dog and beer!!!!  It will need to be varnished a couple more times in order for it to live outside but I am glad I have got something sorted.

After a busy old morning I settled down into the conservatory to do a bit more of my crochet blanket as I am trying to get it finished and onto the spare bed.  Today I had my Quality Control Officer on hand - Charlie - who snuggled up next to me and wrapped himself in the blanket and then went off to sleep snoring his head off.

It is lovely that when we are at home all the cats are close by all the time - generally Mr Boo is on the 'blinkie' that Kaye knitted and which lives on our bed and Charlie likes to be in the conservatory, Minnie Mou resides like the Queen on the birthing chair and Chivvie Pops has taken to the basket in the lounge.  This is a great comfort to us as there are so many dangers here for cats.

Poor Charlie looks like an extra from some sort of Hammer Horror film with his fangs but they don't cause him any problem so we leave well alone.

Bless him he can always tell when we are going out and he desperately tries to come with us so we have to creep out like the SAS under the cover of darkness or he follows us (if we are walking) or tries to get in the car if we are driving.  He seems to know the minute we start getting ready and we have to be vigilant!

This evening we were having our mid-season ENAD Expat Supporters Meal and we were going down to Polis to eat at Finikas before it closes for the Winter.  We were picking up John and Susan en route and we haven't seen them for ages so it will be lovely.   We weren't sure but were hopeful that the star of the team Boogie (bottom right of this picture) and his heavily pregnant wife might come and join us.

As it turned out Boogie and Mrs Boogie did come along - we thought it was really good of them both as he is Bulgarian and she is Cypriot with baby due in about 10 days!  They were good fun and interacted pretty well with us all.  David has organised for someone to crochet a little footie kit in the team's colours with Boogie's number on the back for the baby (which is a boy thankfully) and the assembled supporters paid for their meals.  I know that Finikas are closing for the season which is why I think our plates were piled up to the max - I couldn't do justice to my main course which was absolutely lovely but just too much. It was a good evening and I think everyone enjoyed themselves - we certainly did and have to say thanks to Susan and John for paying for our meal as a thank you for us looking after their lovely cat Millie.

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