Tuesday, 17 November 2015


We are not sure but we think it is probably Happy Birthday Boris - not sure because he appeared up in the estate around Christmas time last year and was possibly a couple of months old at that point so we aren't entirely sure when he came into this world and although we said NO MORE after Minnie we took on Charlie and then we said DEFINITELY NO MORE and then Boris weedled his way into our lives.  He is a handsome boy and very loving and very vocal.  We know the minute he comes into the garden as he announced his arrival and in the mornings he wails all the way into the bedroom and then flops down for a cuddle all snuggly and warm and stays there good as gold until one or other of us moves and then he announces that it is breakfast time.  He disappears at night for long periods which bothers us greatly and we are often to be heard shrieking his name across the fields hoping he will return quickly.  So Boris aka Mr Boo we are really rather glad you chose to adopt us - happy birthday xxx

It was the most beautiful morning and it was clear all the way down to the bay but the peace and quiet was shattered once again by Israeli jet fighters on manoeuvres over the island. They were so loud - apparently they were F16 Falcons we believe - and they just kept circling overhead - I don't like the noise - it reminds me of when I was a child and I was terrified of the sound of aircraft which was a bit of a disadvantage as we lived pretty close to Yeovilton Air Station.  I remember my dad used to take me to the perimeter fencing to try and get me used to the noise.  For John it must have sounded like being back at work because not only did we have jets going over but at one point this afternoon a rather large helicopter did a fly past - I told him that I had organised that one especially for him.

John went off down to Polis this morning with our life savings to put four new tyres on the Peugeot.  It is going to be bread and water for a few weeks now!  Actually Savvas from the village has a tyre place down on the industrial estate and he usually does us a good deal plus John thinks he invited us to have some eggs from his house which he as gradually turned into some sort of small-holding with chickens, turkeys and guinea fowl and probably all sorts of other things.

My lovely friend Elena has been pretty poorly for the last week or so but was feeling a bit better today so decided to walk over with husband Bassam and pick up Series 3 of Grey's Anatomy which I had got for her to watch.  She said it was almost worth having a relapse so she could take to her sickbed and watch all 25 episodes.   Anyone that knows her knows that this is highly unlikely to happen because apart from her bloody cancer she is never ill.  It was nice to be able to entertain her for a change and, if I had known she was coming, I would have baked a cake!  Instead I got her to cast her professional tastebuds over the soup I have made for tomorrow - Thai Carrot and Peanut and she declared it to be delicious which is good - the link for it will be on the Food page. I had also made some Thai Prawn, Salmon and Crab Fishcakes and the link for those will be there too.

Whilst Elena and Bassam were here we were treated (if that is the word) to more jet aerobatics - Elena doesn't like it either and wonders how the poor little Syrian children in the village must react when they hear a sound that they would have heard previously which was not a practice run but the real thing.  Makes you wonder doesn't it?  Apparently yesterday was the final day and I am not too unhappy about that.

We are gradually getting everything back to its rightful place in the garden before we have to move it all again for the pool refurbishment to take place.

The autumn has brought with it some mega spiders and they seem to weave webs made of nylon - if you walk through one of them you will know all about it as the web sticks to you like shit to a blanket.

This magnificent specimen had caught its lunch and was busy wrapping it up for a later date.  It was some sort of red insect - hopefully one of the lily beetles which wreak havoc in the garden.

There is still plenty of colour in the garden and I really don't want to cut things down too early.  There are also a lot of weeds coming through weeds and annuals which have started to sprout now that we have had a little rain and we get heavy dew at night.  The only trouble is that for a while it is hard to differentiate between the weeds and the annuals particularly if I have thrown down some new seeds and don't recognise them coming up!  All will be revealed in due course as they say.

I have a poorly at the moment - it could be a ganglion I am not sure - I have a lump which comes up on my wrist at the base of my thumb but it doesn't move - it is a bit painful but not much - it aches more than anything.  If we had a bible I would give it a bash but bibles are about as plentiful as plasters in this household.  I wore a brace for pickleball but it made it difficult to hold the racquet but I still played pretty well!!

Finally I just wanted to post - so that I remember in future - that fuel is now cheaper than it was when we arrived four and a half years ago - with fluctuating exchange rates it is a bit hard to work out what the equivalent price would be in the UK - it is nowhere near as cheap as the 28cents a litre Mum and Dad would have paid when they first came but it is a step in the right direction that it has become cheaper.

A quiet night in tonight as we have guests tomorrow for dinner - a quiet night, an episode of the Apprentice and an early night - bliss.

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