Thursday, 12 November 2015

What is going on...

No Tony today but we knew that - in fact as we have a million things to do before he can continue we have asked him to come back on Saturday to finish off - that is if we don't keep finding extra things for him to do!

The cats are bored with the whole decorating thing as they keep being moved from favourite haunts because they are in the way.  Charlie discovered early doors that my craft box had been turned into a seating area but was horrified this morning to see that Mr Boo had beaten him to prime spot.  It was only going to be a matter of time before Charlie used his considerable bulk to oust the interloper!

We are keen to get one job at least completely finished so as it was a fine and bright day I was detailed off onto the roof to paint the remaining areas of the flatroof  'blanket' which goes up and over the lip where the railings are connected and then paint the grotty overhang beyond the blanket which had turned a very unattractive shade of mould.  Once this is done we can get the railings hammerited.

As I started to work I was concerned about the unusual sound of military jets above our house - we could see three at one point.  Having seen the newspaper reports about the possibility of a Russian airliner being shot down by IS as it was leaving Sharm el Sheikh it was a bit worrying to witness increased military activity on the island - apparently it was an Israeli jet and it was all part of an organised exercise - look here

It was really good to be able to help out Polis Animal Rescue Group today as we were able to donate our old swimming pool liner rather than skip it.  June came to pick it up and was delighted - there is still a bit left in the bottom which she can have in due course.  The island has some fantastic people who really care about the welfare of its animals - we are lucky to have Irene here in the village who does sterling work for the local cat population and June down in Prodromi to mention just two.

I started to think that I got a bit of a short straw this morning because some of the painting had to be done under the guttering and I had been warned that I was not, under any circumstances to get paint on the new tiles.  This was not easy and I know it looks like I am sleeping on the job but I was actually just trying to get the brush in the right place without any drippage!  I managed it - just - and it looked ok and by the time I washed down the guttering and put some of the furniture back in the right place it was beginning to look pretty good.  Next job - and not one I was relishing was the railings but I started it and very very carefully worked my way round.  I managed to do both sides of the short run before it was time to get down and shower.

This evening we were going down the village to have supper with Diana and Rob Veasey.  I jokingly told them I was only going with there because they had central heating and it was a joke but I have to say their house was just so cosy - there is a lot to be said for central heating!!!

Diana and Rob have been working wonders with their bungalow - slowly but surely they are turning
it into a really beautiful home.  I pull Rob's leg calling him the Olympic torch because he never goes out but his attention to detail is exemplary - I just know he wouldn't have got any paint or hammerite on the tiles!!!

We had a really lovely evening.  We managed to escape from ours by shutting Charlie in the conservatory as he was adamant that he was going to investigate Rob's car when he came to pick us up and as he and Boris followed us there when we walked one time we know that he knows where to go.

We arrived into the lovely warm bungalow with some delicious smells emanating from the kitchen - one thing for sure there would definitely be NO MUSHROOMS to spoil John's meal.

We had some wonderful homemade dips and bread to start.  The lemon hummus was particularly delicious and I shall have to steal that recipe from Diana in due course!

The main course was a succulent lamb tagine - now that the evenings are getting cooler this sort of comfort food hits the mark but does nothing for my wanting to lose some of the weight I put on over the summer.

The desert was a triumph - John just LOVES cheesecake and Diana had made a Baileys cheesecake and wrapped up a big old slice for John to take home with him.  He is now filing for divorce so that he can marry Diana!!

Rob kept us entertained into the wee small hours with his music collection.  He has so much vinyl which I would have still owned myself if we had not sold out to an IPOD - there is nothing quite like the sound of music coming from an original album scratches and all - then there is the cover and the artwork to cherish.  He had one of my all time favourite albums - probably one of the first I ever purchased - Tapestry by Carole King and Mike Oldfield Tubular Bells and a million others which made up the soundtrack of my youth.

 We left the Veasey's this morning and walked up cardiac hill and then wove our way home - not through drink but because the path from their house to ours which avoids the hill opposite Kelly was definitely not built by the Romans.  It is maddening that when you come to the first corner if you could just keep walking straight up you could come out directly opposite our estate rather than snake your way up past where the Vals and Linda live.  This wouldn't be wise in the dark or even in the daylight - there is no knowing what lurks in the field.

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