Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas Eve

 Two posts today so read this one and read the one below
Happy New Year Everyone

We woke to a fine bright and warm morning - the most beautiful day for Christmas Eve.  I had washing on and out and dried and the sunshine pouring into the conservatory felt wonderful - the doors and windows were flung open, the house was being aired.

After all the panic attacks about getting myself organised for Christmas I was now feeling incredibly calm - probably because it was now almost too late to worry about anything that we have forgotten.

I had got my act together and was ahead of the game with all the veggies barring parsnips done for tomorrow - the only reason that the parsnips were not is that Mum is bringing them with her!

I now felt back in control and although I had anticipated a frantic morning it wasn't necessary to be chained to the cooker.  I got time to enjoy the glorious sunshine and joined Minnie-Mou up on the roof terrace where she had been stretched out on one of the sun loungers taking in the air!!!

John went down to feed Millie - he was keen to make sure he saw her today as she had been in hiding yesterday - probably because it was Wednesday and the hunters were about.

He came back pleased to report that she was at home ready and waiting when he got there and he stayed with her a while to make sure she was ok.  We will all go down tomorrow to give her a special Christmas Day cuddle and some special Christmas Day treats.

Later on this afternoon Mum and Dad were arriving for our family Christmas together and this evening we were entertaining Sheila and Klaus - we did it last year and it is a way of thanking them for all the Mondays that I spend using Sheila's art equipment and eating Klaus's cooking.  This year as their Christmas Gift John and I have bought them a voucher so that they can enjoy Afternoon Tea at the Elysium.  We are sure they will love it as we did when we went with Mum and Dad and Wendy and Bill back in October (blimey was it really that long ago???).

We had a visit from Diana and Rob this morning bearing gifts, which was so kind of them and unexpected - the buggers left it to the last minute before springing them upon us which gave us no chance to reciprocate.

By the time Mum and Dad arrived John had the place looking so inviting.  It had been the most beautiful day and the conservatory was relatively warm when they arrived but once the sun goes down it really cools off quickly and then it feels really chilly and I know how much Mum and Dad feel the cold.

We had the table all laid and everything was under control.  The menu this evening was Savoury Filled Yorkshire Puddings to start, Horseradish Beef Casserole with Baby New Potatoes and Hot Coleslaw (carrot, leek and cabbage) and Bailey's Creme Brulee for desert followed by Cheese and Biscuits and Coffee/Tea and Mints.

Instead of crackers I make up little gift bags with an assortment of bits and pieces inside along with a festive joke and a puzzle.  I love doing this and now that there are places like Jumbos and Tiger the possibilities are endless.  A decent box of crackers over here can be really quite expensive and the contents naff.

Mum had also done little bags for us all which was lovely and then we gave Sheila and Klaus their voucher and also one for the Blue Olive for Mum and Dad and John and I each got a voucher - one was a week's free pass for getting up and making the morning coffees and the other was a week's free pass from having to feed the cats in the mornings.

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