Saturday, 26 December 2015

Friday - a week till Christmas Day...

We have had a very trying week but with Christmas so close we are trying to put it all behind us and get into the festive spirit.  We will have good friends with us tomorrow as we visit the hostelries of Droushia sadly our number one stalkers Wendy and Bill are not going to be able to make it as Wendy has succumbed to a pre-Christmas lurgy bug and she needs to get rid of it before her son comes out.  This is a shame but at least it meant I got the guest bedroom cleared and tidied and now it will be ready for Mum and Dad to sleep in it.

John was planning on going to Badminton so we had a bit of a lazy early morning with brunch of free-range scrambled eggs as he doesn't like to run around on too full a stomach.  We had wanted to call into a couple of the places along the Mesoghi Avenue to look at tiles for the swimming pool - this may now be our preferred option but it depends on price.  Just as we got in the car to set off we had a call to say badminton was cancelled due to some competition taking place in the hall so it meant we had more time to have a look around.  It will be a miracle if John and I can agree on something as we never normally do!  We had a quick look round - it all seems a bit expensive to me and it needs to be something we really like as we will have to live with it if we go down that route.  We saw some lovely ones at €100 a square metre!!!  Anyway we are awaiting some other prices and then we can make a proper decision.

It was a lovely winter's afternoon down in Paphos - Mum and Dad knew what they were doing when they decided to move to a bungalow in Emba they got the right half with wall to wall sunshine - if they were living in the adjoining bungalow it would be such a different story.  And I cannot tell you how many times we count our blessings that we found Graham to do some gardening for them - they now have a lovely neat and tidy outside space and Mum has a manageable bit for her to have some flowers and colour and even at this time of year it is looking lovely.

I left John to spend the afternoon with Dad and Mum and I went over to Peyia to visit their old friends Arthur and Janet.  I confess I haven't seen them for ages - in fact years - the last time we visited they lived near Infinity Stitchcraft and I think they have had two other homes since then.  They now live in a top floor apartment up the road from Paliomonasteriou and from which they have a spectacular view over towards Coral Bay.

The inside of the apartment is light spacious and airy and they seem to be settled (for the time being although Arthur is well into his 80s and you think moving would be the last thing on his mind).  They love somewhere for a while and then they fall out of love and move on.

The reason for today's visit was that Arthur's son sends him and Janet a hamper from Fortnum and Masons every year for Christmas and they had been keeping the baskets because they didn't want to throw them away.  Mum thought they would be ideal for us for logs and could sit by the side of the woodburner.  So sorry Louise Jones I know you are looking for a log basket but we couldn't resist having ones which such upmarket provenance!

John was keen to get them loaded and into place as they looked perfect for the gaps and he wasn't wrong!!!  They are exactly the sort of thing that we would have been looking for and the iconic F&M on the front is an added bonus.

We are planning to light the woodburner early tomorrow and leave it ticking over whilst we are on the Jingle so that if people come back to ours later it will be warm and now we have posh log baskets - it will all look lovely!!!

It is beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas - at least with some decorations up and the festivities tomorrow and lunch at Sheila and Klaus's on Sunday we have something to cheer about!

We had a hastily made but very palatable Chicken Biryani type meal for supper tonight.  I must must must make some more of that spicy lemon pickle as it lends a certain zing to meals and this was no exception.  It looks a bit pale and uninteresting but tasted lovely!

I have been asked to make a plaque which needs to be ready next week so I am onto it - it is a housewarming gift for a couple with cats - I hope they like it!!!

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