Friday, 11 December 2015

KK is poorly

Kenny Kembara is poorly with the vehicular equivalent of man-flu with complications - it is something to do with the steering but parts here are difficult to get hold of anyway he has gone down to Andreas's garage to be made better - this is not what we need so near to Christmas as it isn't going to be a cheap fix - that is if the other Andreas can get the parts.  Deep Joy.

It is now officially cold here in Droushia - not just cold but bloody freezing with the clear days being replaced by very very cold nights.  This morning at 06.49 it was only 9 degrees outside and the kitchen was 15.2 degrees - if we weren't going to be out tonight I would relent and let John light the woodburner!

The weather today has been forecast to be fine but there was a very strange sunrise with banks of cloud.  The weather was coming from Turkey with a northerly wind.  Fortunately as the sun rose further the weather started to clear.  This was good news as the men were due today early and then the cement wagon with the 'elephant's trunk' was due mid morning to pour the cement around the edge of the pool so that then the tiling can commence.

The men did not arrive as early as they had said they would - this irritates the hell out of John and I - there is always some excuse or another and because they were late they tried to hold back on the delivery time of the cement but this was a risky move because the days are short and gets cold up here quite early so they needed it to be down and beginning to dry by about midday.

As a result the cement never arrived - I think they probably just gave our slot to someone else so we were a bit stymied so that bit of the job has had to be rearranged for tomorrow morning now.

I know that the men are working in a confined space by my poor garden is taking a real hammering and the plants on the edges are getting trodden on left right and centre.  I know some will survive but all those seasonal plants that were just beginning to show some signs of life may never recover - I can see a trip to the garden centre will be in order for my birthday next year.

In between supervising the works outside John is in the middle of putting up some paneling in our bedroom.  I was tasked with colour-washing each of the planks of tongue and groove - I am hoping to recreate a sort of New England feel to the bedroom but not sure if I will be successful!!!  We only managed to get one wall done what with everything else that was going on.

It was a really welcome break to be going out for a meal this evening at To Steki in Kathikas with Lynn and Mr Al.  We haven't been out with them for absolutely ages so it was great to catch up.  As always we had a lovely meal courtesy of Maria and were grateful they had the woodburner and the panel heater on as it was bloomin' freezing!

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