Tuesday, 1 December 2015

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OMG OMG OMG as the kids would say - I have just noticed that my blog has passed 80,000 page views and that is extremely humbling - I can understand that friends and family might find this interesting but the statistics show that my audience is scattered all around the world in places where I have no friends or family - anyway readers wherever you are you are welcome and thank you.

This week has begun with a beautiful start to the week - glorious sunshine and reasonable temperatures even for Drouseia.  So nice in fact that we could have breakfast outside and looking at this photograph something must have happened overnight because today there are a million weeds poking their heads up under that table!

Our swimming pool project should begin tomorrow and so I have to make sure that areas of the garden are cut back to they wont suffer from big feet tramping in and out!  There is still plenty of colour to be had and I will update the gardening section in due course.  Anyone coming out on holiday during the last couple of weeks will have had the most glorious weather for November.  We know that it will all change once our workmen come because that is just our sort of luck.

John dropped me off at the Droushia Heights hotel this morning as he was going to the woodyard to get the tongue and groove for our bedroom and I had arranged to meet Kelly at work to help her with advertising the Christmas Bazaar at the hotel.

The hotel is looking lovely - all the decorations on the tree have been hand made by Kelly and it looks really lovely.

There is a Christmas Bazaar at the Hotel on 12th December and they want to try and get some more people to take tables to sell their goodies.  I am more than happy to give them a hand with this sort of thing as I used to do it as part of my job.  Whilst I was there Irene the hotel manager told me that one of the Droushia residents is trying to set up an Anglo Cypriot theatre group - this sounds quite interesting so I have put my name down as being interested.

The view from the hotel today was absolutely stunning - we are just so lucky to have this on our doorstep - by which I mean the hotel and the view!  It really is so hard to remember that it is November when snow is forecast in the UK - I know we might have snow in the spring but there is quite a bit of charm in the fact that we still get seasons here.  We are so much better prepared now than we were when we first arrived.

I was starting a new picture at art today and I have decided to challenge myself with people as the subject matter and I have also decided to do some small pictures because we now have enough of my art dotted around the house and smaller items just might be more attractive to anyone wanting to pack one in their suitcase.   I had seen this picture of an old woman collecting water on the internet and just thought it might make a nice little picture.  It is going to be challenging as I have not done a person before.

How beautiful is my walk home?  I still pinch myself at how lucky John and I are to be 'living the dream' it would not be everyone's dream but it is ours.  We have a much less stressful way of life - we eat well and reasonably healthily - we take some regular exercise - we go out when we can and we enjoy reasonably good health - you cannot put a price on that which is just as well as we are on a limited budget!!!

As I walked back home I was met by Fluffer who is a long term resident of Lordos 1.  When Sharon and Sean are here she is a permanent fixture in their house and she is soooooo looking forward to their return.  In the Summer she looks awful as she looks thin and scraggy but she now has her winter coat and is looking good.

We have a number of resident 'feral' cats at the moment - Fluffer and Slapper, Billy, Donut, Smokey and Jazzy-B/peanut and the illusive ginger kitten that I have seen but no-one else has.

There are worse places for a cat to be as they have shelter, are regularly fed, get vet care courtesy of Irene and company when the feeders go feeding and when Sharon and Sean are here are real home with constant love and attention.

On that subject Sean you had better find your bloody passport and soon or else I think Sharon will be coming on her own!!!

John decided that he would like to try out the log fire today to make sure that it wasn't going to smoke us out so before I went off to Belly Dancing he got a load of rubbish wood in to burn.

In amongst our wood store John found this skeleton of a snake - mmm don't mind them myself but the skeleton looked rather scary - not entirely sure if this one met its maker courtesy of one of our four cats!

So I picked up Mrs V to go to Belly Wobbling - sadly Louise couldn't join us and Elena wasn't feeling up to scratch so she was out too.  We are now refining our dance routine.  We seem to be okay with parts one and two but part three seems to change every week!!!  Still Diana and I did agree that we can see some changes to our body shape which we put down to the the dancing.  I love it - it is fun without seeming to be too hard and now that they have opened up the studio so we have a mirror on both sides we can see exactly where we are going wrong!

Tonight was curry night and I got it all prepared before going dancing - it was to be a chicken, cashew nut and pepper curry with what we had knocking around in the store cupboard.  I am trying to use up some of the stuff that has been in the cupboard for a while as we tend to do a menu each week and then buy fresh like we did when we live in married quarters and didn't have a freezer.

 So this is the scene that greeted me when I returned from Polis - and although it isn't really cold enough in the house to require a fire just at the moment it was soooooo lovely to see the flames and
to feel the warmth.  John had all the windows open and kept running into the conservatory to cool down.

We think that the door seal is doing its job as there was no smokiness in the lounge save for what you get when the door is opened.

So tick in the box that the fire is good to go - we won't worry now when we need to light it in earnest.  We also have a phone number for someone to service the gas fire so winter is not going to be a problem and we have heard that there is some bad weather on its way.

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