Sunday, 20 December 2015

Ole Blue Eyes would have been 100...

After a very restless night we woke this morning to a grey wet and miserable day - the weather completely matching our mood.  We knew that the workmen we had expected to pitch up today would not be with us and because of that monumental phone call last night we knew that the whole project was now in jeopardy - claims and counterclaims and recriminations and all because we had queried why the workers had not pitched up on Wednesday - we cannot believe that one small phone-call can have had such repercussions and feel that there must be more to the story - either way it doesn't really matter we are up shit creek without a paddle for the time being.

Poor Chivers he got caught out in the rain this morning - he was absolutely soaked when he got in so he had to have a good toweling down - now he doesn't bat an eyelid he just lets John get on with it - takes the punishment and then shrugs it off.

We spent most of the day trying to work out where we were going with the pool project and really couldn't come to much of a conclusion we are, as they say, between a rock and a hard place - we had set our hearts on the special finish we had seen and now nothing else will look quite the same but we feel we have been right royally shafted - we need to take stock and let the dust settle - the garden is trashed, the pool looks like it has been bombed and the house is a shit tip with layers of dust and we have to try and protect the work that has been done so far.  Why is it that whenever we make a decision to spend some of our very hard earned cash and do all the homework beforehand it all goes tits up (sorry Mum).

 After finishing painting the conservatory John escaped to watch the Mighty ENAD and a 4-0 victory.  John said it was the most boring 4-0 he has watched but it was a win - albeit with the first two goals being own goals!!  I am glad he went, he needed to get away from all the problems at home and he will miss next week's home match so he really needed to go although he was without his mucker John Read.  I had originally said I would go with him but as it had rained so hard I really didn't want to sit on wet concrete for the afternoon.

Whilst John was out I got myself sorted and then shot off down to the Droushia Heights Hotel for their Christmas Fayre.  It was lovely to go somewhere nice and warm!  Our latest stalkers Janet and John were there taking advantage of the central heating - poor Janet has struggled with the recent very cold snap and I did warn her that winter here is grim - she says she is happier now that their home has a wood burner and they have put flannelette sheets on the bed and she has onesies en route!!

There were only a few stalls but I managed to find a few things to buy!!!  I managed to secure the last remaining mince pies that Penny had for sale and John so loves a mince pie!!!  It is a shame that there weren't more people there - I saw two buses in the carpark so was hopeful but they were for a youth football team staying at the hotel overnight.  The self same youth football team jumped into the outside swimming pool when the ambient temperature was about 9 degrees!!!  I am guessing they weren't overly interested in the craft fayre!

If nothing else the afternoon gave me the opportunity to catch up with Orexi Elena and her lovely family.  I am now the official IT guru to Bassam and his new mobile phone!  The kids were great amusing themselves but there are limits - especially when you are under 10!!

This evening we were off out on a posh 'do' to celebrate Ole Blue Eyes, Francis Albert Sinatra, who would have been 100.

The 'do' was at the Coral Palace and we had seen the venue from the outside and weren't holding our breath as it looked like a glorified warehouse or bingo hall but we were amazed at the venue - outside has been beautifully done with water features and fountains and inside it was bright and clean but for such a large venue there were only three ladies toilets - good job it wasn't back otherwise we could have been in trouble!!!

We had a good evening - maybe the entertainment wasn't the best we have ever witnessed and poor Lou-Lou didn't have the opportunity to dance as much as she wanted to but we still had fun and it was really great to catch up with Costas and Jackie - we hadn't expected to see them this side of Christmas so that was a bonus. 

I was driver - so stuck to lime and soda as just recently I have seen a couple of police doing checks and I had to drive from Coral Bay to Giolou and back to Droushia but some people managed to take advantage of some very reasonably priced vino collapso by the looks of this photograph.  This is Lou and John tripping the light fantastic outside the 'Palace'.  This was just before John lost his beloved bow tie which I have to tie for him - I say he only married me because I was the only woman he knew that could tie a proper bow tie!  Fortunately he realised just as we were leaving that his tie was missing so we managed to turn round and he found it so he was a happy bunny.  There wasn't much conversation coming from the back of the car on the trip home and the journey was completely uneventful. 

Mum and Dad are not coming up tomorrow (a) because we thought we had the men with us all day and (b) because sadly Dad is a bit poorly - he has a cold and a hacking cough and because he had pneumonia recently we have to make sure it doesn't get any worse.  John and I will need the day to take stock on the bloody pool project - deep joy.

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