Monday, 21 December 2015

Sunday - a day of decisions...

Today was once again a glorious day after the miserable weather of yesterday - a good evening out with Lou and H had helped us to forget the horrors of the previous two days.  We are no nearer making a decision about what to do next but we have had time to think and be in contact with the various parties.  At the end of the day it is a building project and it will get sorted - no shipwrecks and nobody drownded as my Dad would say but the whole episode has left us feeling sick.

Mum and Dad should have been up with us but decided not to come as Dad was feeling poorly and at the time we thought we would be in a right old mess and we have been having all the doors open and therefore the house has been chilly.  We left the arrangements as they were because we had to start to get the place back into some kind of order - nothing much will happen outside now - maybe nothing will happen for months and those of you that know me and know how much I love my garden will know how sad that makes me.  John is fuming - putting it mildly - the only consolation is that he is hoping to be able to watch the Mighty Blades on TV later but, as they always lose when he gets to see them that may make him even more cross.

I am now more than ever convinced that I next time I am going to come back as a cat - and a cat that has a home like ours because this morning all four of ours were in the conservatory enjoying the sunshine all warm and cosy all with their favourite sleeping places.  We like them in, and we like them in on a Sunday when the hunters are out and about.

To try and cheer John up I made him brunch - using the fresh egg that Caroline had given me yesterday along with some of the free range eggs we had from the village and some of Orexi Elena's scrumptious focaccia rolls along with some mozzarella cheese and chorizo - my own version of an egg mcmuffin and they were delicious - set us up for the remainder of the day.

We shot down to feed Millie before settling in for the afternoon - she was there god love her - she really is a sweetie - poor thing had the most massive tick on her shoulder and she just let me pick it off.

We decided to give ourselves a break when the footie came on the TV and in order that John couldn't blame me for any break up in the streaming I closed down all other technology and spend a while with my crochet blanket which is growing nicely I want it for the spare bedroom but it isn't quite big enough as yet and I am now fast running out of wool so it will be as big as the wool I have remaining allows it to be - the bonus of doing the crochet is that it keeps you nice and warm whilst you are doing it so I may well try and get some more cheap wool in the future and make another one!

When my current ball of wool ran out I went on to tackle the ironing - god things must be desperate for me to do that but I had managed to get a load of washing done and it had just about dried nicely so ironing it would finish it off and then it could be put away and unusually for John he would have clothes that weren't covered in creases and cat hairs.  There is something very satisfying about having an empty laundry basket - well for me there is although Charlie wont be too impressed when he jumps into it the next time if it isn't full!  It was good to be out of earshot of the TV - being a Sheffield United supporter is clearly one of those pleasure pain things and generally more pain than pleasure.

I didn't go and watch but as John had lit the fire the four cats all mooched in to join him taking advantage of the lovely warmth.  John would admit that SUFC were mighty lucky and that Coventry will have thought they had been robbed.  Cov should have had two penalties, had a goal disallowed even though the ball looked to have crossed the line and SUFC had one shot on target and managed to score from it.  I said to John I reckon it was the first time in I don't know how long that he had watched them play and they had scraped a win.  He didn't care a win is a win and he was grateful for it!!!

Usually by now we would have got the house trimmed up for Christmas but with all the mess being generated and now the worry of where we go from here we hadn't felt like it - the one concession was that my knitted snowman has been put on the sideboard.  I knitted him last year when I was staying at my sisters and he is jolly and I like him!

I decided I would tackle the glut of passion-fruit that I am lucky enough to have at the moment thanks to Mum's neighbour - I managed to find a simple enough recipe for making jam - you have to scoop out the flesh and then soak the outer shell for 24 hours then boil the shells and remove the pith and then you fundamentally make the jam from the pith and sugar only adding the flesh when you have boiled the pith to setting point.  I shall report back on the success or otherwise.

Along with making the jam I took the Jerusalem Artichokes Dad gave me and made a soup with some carrot and leek - the artichokes (a close relative to Sunflowers) has a strong smell but I don't think the strong smell actually matches the flavour - time will tell.

I am almost glad the weekend is over it has been very trying.

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