Thursday, 3 December 2015

Thursday - Project Pool continues...

As we had predicted the weather is going to be against us.  Today is the beginning of a Coptic Storm - a gale and the wind was doing its stuff big style this morning.  It wasn't cold but it was wild.  We should have put money on the fact that the weather would change - this is just our luck!

Up early this morning as the Pool Project continues and a decision needs to be made on the steps.  We cannot put back the step ladder we had because a week or so ago John stood on it and it shattered as the plastic had age hardened.  We have considered all sorts of options and are mindful that hopefully Mum might go in for a swim so we want good steps but not too intrusive as the pool is small.  We had thought about triangular Roman steps like Sharon and Sean have got with a handmade stainless steel handrail but on thinking about it we realise that a handrail in the centre just doesn't work and would be a waste of money.

We had a million different thoughts going through our heads when the workmen came to start building the shuttering so that when the cement wagon comes they can be poured.  We discussed one option and then another and then went back to the first option then dismissed that then, then, then, then finally decided upon triangular Roman steps with no handrail but a distinct edge to each step utilising the tiles that we are using around the periphery which will be laser cut to give a perfect edge.  RESULT but it took ALL DAY to come to that decision.  The completion of the whole project has been put back anyway because of the impending rain and this is because the special finish to the pool needs 10 days to dry.

Whilst the men were working out how we were getting into the pool I took some time to make some Christmas cards.  We don't give many - instead we make a donation to charity (this year The Brain Tumour Trust for obvious reasons) and publish an electronic card saving the paper ones to a few people back in the UK and one or two friends that we will see over the festive season here.

I had to shoot down to Polis to get some shopping in and stopped at the post office where I had three parcels awaiting collection - this is very exciting!

Outside there was a dog I had not seen around the village before - it was a sweet if not scruffy thing and I hope it belonged to someone because it was rush-hour in Droushia and there were several trucks passing through the village along with a bus and a couple of tourist cars and this thing didn't seem to have much road sense.

I didn't see any evidence of it on my return so I hope it made its way back home.

I was dressed for the coptic gale but by the time I got down to Polis I realised that I had made a bit of a mistake as it was considerably warmer down there.  As I made my way round the supermarket I was feeling grossly overdressed!

It was a fairly successful trip into town as I managed to get to the bank before it closed - I am useless at remembering the opening times and normally arrive when it has closed!

The lovely Home Concept shop opposite Paps has just about got all its Christmas display in place - they are showcasing what they have over the weekend but I got a sneaky preview - there is some lovely stuff and the shop looks fabulous and the prices are pretty competitive so if you can't face trudging round Jumbos you could do worse than take a look here.

The weather looked to be changing as I made my way back up the hill and home.  Even though it was windy and the forecast had been for rain we managed to avoid it in Droushia today and it meant that some progress was made on the pool project.  Depending on the weather the workmen will return either on Monday or on Wednesday when things will move forward a bit more.  We are in no rush and we want it done properly so it really makes no difference to us and it is pretty tidy outside even though the slabs have been removed.

I was amazed when I got home to open one of the parcels and find that it was the new pickleball balls I had ordered from Amazon.   They had only taken a couple of days and now we have plenty of lime green indoor balls to play with - they are a lot nippier and easier to see.

We had to laugh at the paperwork included with the balls - Pickleball Strategy Guide by Coach "Mo" - didn't know my mum's expertise was so widespread!!!

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