Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Tuesday - good weather returns...

So today's blog will start and finish with photographs of the sun.  We started with a beautiful sunrise which was a good sign as we were expecting the workmen to come a day early as the weather forecast has now changed to show no rain for quite a few days which is great.  And then the day finished with a good sunset so that meant it should be good again tomorrow and John is desperate to get Project Pool back on track.

Not only did we have a beautiful sunrise but at the same time the moon was clearly visible at the front of the house and was as clear as anything - since the last full moon it has been absolutely spectacular and even with John's little camera you can see all the craters and contours.

The orangey warm glow of the rising sun bathed the trees and bushes in the field next door and there was a wonderful view of the coastline - it is incredible that today it is the first day of December and every dry and sunny day now is a bonus even if the evenings are bloody chilly!!!

The workers arrived as planned - how many men does it take to look at some reinforcing rods (rebar) - three and John from a distance apparently!  The work had stopped previously because of the rebar because we didn't know whether or not it was going to stay but it has to go so Tony was left here to tackle the job with John keeping a watchful eye.

Not only did John keep a watchful eye but so did Charlie - he doesn't like strangers so kept sitting and growling at the intruder the other three were keeping a low profile - particularly Boris who is still nursing this wound on his side and, if he doesn't stop licking it he will most definitely have to wear a jumper.

John was sacrificing his afternoon of badminton but I still went down to Emba to play pickleball and to catch up with Mum and Dad.  Mum has been feeling a bit poorly with a sore throat - this is not good because generally this will then develop into a cold and go down on her chest and leave her feeling rough - it is too close to Christmas for that so if she doesn't pick up soon she will be on anti-biotics for sure.

We had six for pickleball which was good as it gives the two people sitting out a reasonable rest between games.  We shall play until 17th December and then break for a couple of weeks before starting again in January - everyone was happy to start soon after the festivities so that we get back into it and work off some of the excesses of the festive season.

It was beautiful down on the coast - anyone coming out now for some late sunshine will not be disappointed that's for sure.  I had some errands I needed to run so set off a bit early.  I had to take some tiles down to G&C Marmaris to be sent off for laser cutting.  We have decided to edge the steps going down into the pool with a strip of tile to match the tiling on the periphery.  This will make sure that people can see exactly where the step finishes - as we don't want any accidents with people getting in and out of the pool.

I also had to call into Superhome Centre to get a blind for the kitchen window and in so doing helped and elderly man struggling with two sticks and a faulty hoover which he was trying to take back to the customer services counter.  I asked if he wanted some help and carried the hoover for him so that he could make his way safely across the car park.

My kindness was rewarded by someone pushing in front of me at the till and getting served before me as I patiently waited to pay for my blind - that will teach me!!

The new dual carriageway along the Tombs of the Kings Road is a bit of a bugger if you want to go to Lidl and come down the wrong road as you have to drive all the way along until you get to a roundabout and then drive all the way back.  I had only decided to go at the last minute as John was complaining he didn't have any muesli which he uses to make 'porridge' with that rather than porridge oats.

As I drove back home after pickleball I had a close encounter of the scary kind with Marianna as she raced from Droushia to Paphos on my side of the road and nearly shaved off the front quarter of my car!  I didn't realise it was her until she went past but she will have heard me honking my horn at her in disapproval!  I was leaving my car at her house this evening so that her husband can do some work on it tomorrow - I half expect her to slash the tyres!!! JOKE!!!

It was dark when I got home so it was quite hard to see the progress made today but all the concrete and crap has been taken up around the pool except right next to the patio doors which will be tackled tomorrow and I am not looking forward to that as it will be noisy and very dusty but we are very hopeful that by the end of the week the concrete will be poured and left to 'go off' or whatever the technical term might be.

Charlie was clearly very tired from having kept a watchful eye on proceedings.   He snuggled up on the sofa next to John and allowed John to wrap him up in a blinkie.

We have everything crossed that the weather forecast is correct as the men are back tomorrow - it is also Ladies Lunch Day and Sheila has organised a special Christmas Lunch at the Droushia Heights Hotel and sadly she will not be able to attend as she has an emergency appointment with a specialist as she has issues with her teeth and gums.

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