Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Tuesday - Tiling Day...

This morning we were waiting for the men to arrive to commence the tiling around the pool - we are living in a right old sh*t tip whilst we wait for the pool project to move forward.

There is still so much to do that will cause a mess - there are areas that need smoothing off and areas that need to be reduced so that the level is correct and probably a million and one other things.

John cannot stand working in a mess so he goes around tidying up whenever he can under the watchful eye of Charlie (the Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pig trapped in a Cat's Body or TVPBPTIACB for short!!!)  The cats are very perturbed by the work and the presence of unknown people.

This morning I shot off down to Polis so that I could feed Millie-Mou (who was not around yesterday) and pick up some electrical cable and some other bits and pieces from Glykkis.   Once again Millie-Mou was not there when I went on my way down which worried me - I wandered around calling for her but she did not turn up so I went on down to Prodromi to get the shopping I needed and then decided to call in again on the way back.

Sadly Millie-Mou was still nowhere to be seen and no amount of calling brought her back.  The food has gone missing but I cannot guarantee that it is her that has eaten it and because I was in the Peugeot and because the short cut from John and Susan's is in desperate need of grading it means a bit of a long round trip.

In John and Susan's garden there is an interesting garden ornament of a footballer - I keep meaning to ask them if it was actually modeled on John who is a really keen football supporter - that is if you can count a Burnley supporter as someone who is keen on football (joke).  Anyway the ornament is certainly sporting the same haircut as John!!

The men had actually arrived when I got back from town with the infamous van which has been missing for the past two weeks for a respray.  A respray in battleship grey done by a blind-man by the looks of things!!

I was pleased to see when I got back that there appeared to be some progress - the tiles were out and being organised - the plan was to get all the full tiles laid today but they weren't impressed by the tiles saying that they weren't square.  I despair - Bassam and John managed to lay them up on the roof!  They always have something to moan about and some old excuse as to why they are late or can't get on with the job and it is beginning to get on our nerves.

I would like to get the house decorated for Christmas but it seems a bit of a waste of time at the moment but I have found out the snowman I knitted and he is ready and waiting for the big event which is now less than three weeks away.

I was so glad to be escaping down to Emba to play pickleball.  Once again John is staying at home to keep an eye on the work or the lack of work!

It was a glorious day and this is the sort of view you can expect of Peyia on a Tuesday in December!

I had to leave a bit early because I was arranging to pick up some baskets that I had bought and John had asked me to get some bits from the DIY shop for the Pool Project and for the bedroom where he is moving the sockets as part of the redecoration we are doing.  I failed in Peyia to get any of the stuff he wanted so would have to try again elsewhere - then during the afternoon I got things added to the shopping list so ended up going to One Stop DIY and Sofocleos without much success.

I was a good girl today and remembered to take our bottles down to the recycling bins.  This is only to make room for the ones we are going to accumulate over the festive season!  I normally do it in Emba but rang the changes and went to Peyia instead today.

On my return John was still fiddling around with the tiles.  He wasn't overly happy as it has been intimated that the project will extend beyond the completion date of 19th December and we have to get up early tomorrow as they are coming around 7.00am although they appear to be on a very different time-zone!

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