Sunday, 31 January 2016

Daily Deal Sunday Lunch

If we didn't already know it was cold outside we only had to look at the cats to know that they were feeling it.  We couldn't find Charlie and Boris after the initial breakfast feeding frenzy and then realised that they were curled up together in the big bed under the coffee table enjoying one another's warmth.  We thought they might have mooched off down to Sharon and Sean's for some treats (and looking at the size that Charlie is getting we are going to have to ask her not to feed him if at all possible) but we were wrong and all four cats were sensible and indoors.  MM had snuggled as far down as possible surrounded by the 15 togger until I turfed her out in order to make the bed.

Later on Boris must have decided he had had enough of Charlie's company - either that or Charlie had got fed up with Boris and started biting his ear in between washing his ears - and so Boris moved on to snuggle up with Chivers who was not so impressed but is too much of a wuss to do anything about it.

We had not realised quite how bad the weather had been last night until we stepped outside to see snow sitting on the guttering above the conservatory.  I had heard it in the night but it sounded more like hail at that time or to be more precise it sounded like someone was throwing grains of uncooked rice at the windows.

It was my turn to cook this Sunday but we had decided to take advantage of a Daily Deal and eat at the Hotel - two could have lunch for €19 and there is always more than enough food on offer to have plenty to eat even if some of it is not to your liking plus, and it is a very big plus, it is always very warm in the hotel and even more importantly they serve Kolios wine by the carafe - RESULT!!!

We were meeting up with Diana and Rob today which was great because it is always nice when there are six of us as the conversation flows more freely and both Diana and Rob were great with Mum and Dad engaging them in conversation.

The cold weather last night had brought snow down onto the hills and it could be clearly seen from the Hotel.  I decided to wander out onto the terrace to get a closer look and take a photograph.  It is hard to believe that on Friday we sat outside to have our cuppa after our workout!

I took the photograph and then went to come back in but couldn't get the sliding doors to reopen and it was freezing - I was stood there like a lemon waving my arms but Mum and Dad, John, Diana and Rob were all sitting pretty by the log fire not looking in my direction so I couldn't get their attention.  Luckily some nice Cypriot guy eventually realised what had happened and rescued me!!!

It was really busy in the Hotel and it looked like they had a full house for the lunch.  This was a bit worrying because sometimes when there are a few in there everything goes a bit pear-shaped and, as it is a buffet, it can turn into a right old rugby scrum trying to get your food.

I was encouraged that there was a clearly laid out table seating plan and there were additional staff around who seemed to know what they were doing.  There was no scrum for the food - people seemed to be sensible and just wait for any queue to subside.

We had a lovely lunch and there was plenty of food to chose from.  There was a really  nice vegetable soup with the choice of soft roll or the unleavened Cypriot local bread which English palates find a challenge!  Large salad bar and hot bar together with a carvery of roast lamb or pork.  I never bothered with a sweet - I was too full but Rob said the truffles were amazing.

Mum and Dad returned home in the daylight.  I know that they have both been worried about Fred who has been missing for a couple of days - glad to report he turned up this evening and I know that Mum and Dad will be relieved .

We had a little chubber waiting for us when we returned home - well he isn't really waiting for us he is just waiting for more food and the fire to be lit, or rather stoked as John had lit it earlier and left it ticking over whilst we were out to lunch.

The weather forecast for the next couple of days is bitter - up in the hills it is going to be -9 apparently to John feels the decision to put the 15 togger on the bed has been vidicated.

The house is toasty warm with the fire but as it dies down the temperature in the house drops dramatically overnight and the conservatory gets exceptionally cold.

John rounded off what he said was an excellent day by watching Arsenal get beaten by Chelsea and then an episode of the Last Panthers before slipping into our electric blanket warmed bed for a good night's sleep.

Goodbye Uncle Tommy - reunited with Aunty Norma at last

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