Friday, 29 January 2016

Friday - fit day...

Every morning when we get up this is the view which greets us - little starving faces and hungry hungry eyes looking pitiful - almost too weak to move or miaow - NOT - Fatty-Poo (aka Charlie) and Mr Boo are forever hopeful if we go near the kitchen.  The cat feeding and coffee making exemption vouchers which came in our Christmas gift bags have now been exhausted - we have to take it in turns although to be fair John generally does the feeding and a bit later I do the coffee making when, hopefully, the cats' appetites will have been sated and they no longer wrap themselves round my legs becoming trip hazards.

Fridays and Tuesdays are now our fitness days as we have decided to incorporate a visit to the gym at the hotel into our day.  We had arranged to pick up Diana - we were going to walk but the weather looked a bit iffy so we didn't want to arrive in a state.  This is the view from the Veasey's front garden - they are further down the hill from us so the bay is even clearer from here.  Today you could even make out the Turkish coastline on the horizon.

Diana and Rob have a lovely bungalow and they have worked really hard since they arrived a year ago last November.  When they arrived they couldn't see their bungalow from the road nor the view from the front door because the garden was so overgrown.  Gradually they are taming it and cultivating it and controlling it
but have learned, as we all do, that this is a bit like painting the Forth Bridge - you think you have come to the end when you have to start all over again!

Being kind there is no picture of Diana on the exercise equipment!!!  We had the gym to ourselves whilst we were there.  The cleaners come in and wack up the air conditioning for us and we have to switch it off and open the fire door in order to cope with the temperature.  We are hopeful that the lightbulbs which were not working have now been replaced as the maintenance guy came in and gave them a Paddington Bear 'hard stare' whilst we were there.

We managed an hour of exercise - my favourite is the walking/running machine - I walk as I hate running even though I did try it last year.  It is a little depressing to see how few calories I burn even though I think I am working my hardest but I have set myself some personal goals and I am determined to reach them (could someone just confirm how many calories are contained in a four-finger KitKat?).

We reward our efforts with a cuppa afterwards - and in order to use the facilities free of charge the Hotel do ask that you have a drink there which is more than fair.  Today we were able to sit outside with our lemon tea.  We do know how lucky we are to have such a wonderful facility right on our doorstep and we are determined to use it as much as we are able.

The grounds to the Hotel have been nicely developed and there is now a children's play area with some nice looking equipment for the kids to play on.  The Hotel doesn't seem to skimp when they do things - I don't know much about gym equipment but it looks pretty good to me and the garden play area looks robust and tasteful.

It was a lovely morning here in Droushia - the views from the Hotel spectacular and we all felt rather pleased with ourselves and our morning exercise.  The guy from the bar brought our lemon tea out to the terrace but sadly none of the hard little biscuit things covered in seeds that we normally have.  I asked if I could have one as I thought I had probably exercised enough to deserve one - bless him he brought out a plate piled high - I know for sure I hadn't done enough to eat them all but they are nice!!

When we got back home I checked on the weather station and was surprised to see it was over 18 degrees outside.  It doesn't feel like 18 degrees because if there is any wind it is cold and we are expecting very bad weather again next week including snow so we need to enjoy it whilst we can.

We were down playing our first Friday pickleball of this year now that John and Liselotte are back.  They must be keen as they were given bats for Christmas and were raring to go.  Blimey I know I have played when they are on the other side of the net.  Mum does really well as they definitely move it up a gear from when we play on a Tuesday.  Mum sits out every other game and even though there are only five of us we cant remember the rotation so I am going to do a list for next week!

Driving home we could see that it was full moon - strange to see full moon in daylight but we did.  As we were traveling in the car I couldn't get a decent shot so this is a photograph taken by someone else.  We had planned a one-pot meal for tonight but John had dug some Tupperware boxes out of the freezer with contents unknown so we were having a surprise for supper instead.

Whilst we were down in Paphos we treated ourselves to a post box - not that we will get our post delivered, we will still need to go down to the village and sort through the wooden box on the counter but if anyone comes up to deliver something for us then they will now have somewhere for it to go.

There will now ensue a long debate as to where it should hang!!!

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