Thursday, 21 January 2016

Thursday - a new regime...

Big big hello to Victoria Parker one of my stalkers who I had the pleasure to meet last night

They say that by now the vast majority of people's New Year's Resolutions have already been broken so we decided upon a different approach and planned to start ours today!!!  We have decided to take advantage of the gym at the hotel in the village and today was our first foray.  John is no stranger to the machines but I am not one of life's natural exercise enthusiasts.  My first challenge was to set the static bicycle so that my little short legs got anywhere near the pedals!  I have decided that I like the running machine but only if I walk briskly.  I have set myself a goal but it is my goal and I am not sharing it with anyone!  Initially we had the gym to ourselves but were joined later by some people we know from Polis and they brought music which made the whole experience more enjoyable.

Our reward for pounding the boards was to be able to sit outside and enjoy a cup of lemon tea!!!  This may be taking things a little too far but a big fat latte didn't seem appropriate after our health kick.

It was a bright morning - January has been a bit up and down but rather more ups and downs so far on the weather side.  This is all good as we continue to generate electricity to supplement what we are using from the grid and we had quite a bit 'banked' from previous months of over-generation.  It is a learning curve this year to see whether our usage and our generation can just about equal one another out.  One thing is for sure this was one of our better investment decisions!!

It would appear that several other people from the village had had the same idea as ourselves and were investigating the wonders of the gym!  It is nice to see a few more people using the hotel as it makes it worthwhile it remaining open in the winter - we would miss it dreadfully if it were to shut for that period, blimey where would we go for a nice warm Ladies Lunch?

I know I am forever saying it but we are lucky to have this facility right on our doorstep.  It is a beautiful little spot and the Hotel and its staff are very friendly.  Everything was looking immaculate today - the gardens all neat and tidy and the pool immaculate even though it will be months before anyone is brave enough to give it a go!

Back home after our exertions I embarked upon making some more of the spicy lemon pickle that has been so popular.  The recipe asks for 7 lemons or approximately 300 grams...

Just two of the lemons from Dad's tree weighed in at 438 grams!!!!  Clearly the lemons over here are on steroids!!!.  I had read the recipe and asked Dad to bring me about half a dozen not realising that this would mean I would be making pickle for the rest of my days!!

We were spending the afternoon at home so I got out my card-making stuff and made a couple of cards suitable for Fathers either birthday or Father's day.  I am trying to work through the craft gear I already have before purchasing anything new - I am a bit of a hoarder in that department so there is stuff in there from all sorts of projects I have done previously and I am always loathe to throw any of it away but we really do have such limited storage that I need to be sensible.

The day remained reasonably bright and it was warm in the conservatory.  We were treated to an unusual view of Chivers' bottom as he decided to sunbathe on the glass roof - sunbathe and keep an eye on the sparrows that live in the roof of the house nextdoor! 

This evening we had a surprise visit from the lovely Elena -she had been to Nicosia today for a check-up and text me from Marks and Sparks to see if I wanted anything - no thought was needed the answer was Crumpets!!!!  They have not had them in stock at the foodhall in Paphos since before Christmas and John is gutted - they are his favourite breakfast item.  I can make them but for €1.65 for a packet of superior quality M&S ones there isn't any point.  We celebrated their arrival with a glass of wine or two - Elena's flushed appearance is due to the woodburner and not the wine I hasten to add!!!

We have a day out tomorrow involving a trip to Larnaca airport and hope to catch up with Wendy and Bill in Pissouri.  We are not sure what time we will return so we have moved our Friday night Steak supper to tonight.  This was a particularly fine piece of Fillet steak - this time French rather than Cypriot and it was superb.

Early night tonight as we are up at the crack of sparrows tomorrow!

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