Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Wednesday and we breath a huge sigh of relief...

Both John and I had a disturbed night's sleep as we were thinking about Millie and her whereabouts.  We don't always see her when we feed her but generally the food is gone each day and we make an assumption that it is her that has been eating it.  With no food being eaten this indicates that there have been no other cats around pinching it.  We think it may be the increased hunting activity which has spooked her if that is the case then it being Wednesday, a standard hunting day, we felt it was unlikely we would see her this morning.  This leaves me with a dilemma because John and Susan return on Friday late and we wouldn't be seeing the immediately so should I have told them in advance that Millie wasn't around?  We had decided we would leave it until New Year's Eve and then if there was no sign we would just warn them that she hadn't been seen for a few days - I think I would have wanted to know if it had been me but we didn't want to worry them too much as they were trying to spend some quality time with their family.

We had decided to go out for some fresh air this morning and take a walk along the beach before getting some provisions in for the remainder of the week.  As we left the sunshine of Droushia we both felt uneasy and as we looked across towards Pomos the sky was as black as your hat - in fact you couldn't see the coastline - bad omens - we hoped not...

Initially when we got to John and Susan's there was no sign of Millie but as we called and whistled John said he could hear her and he was right because she appeared thank goodness.

Oh my god how relieved were we???  She got extra special cuddles today and we stayed to make sure she ate a good meal and then got a lot of love and fussing.  Something has spooked her as she didn't settle to eat constantly looking around her and checking what was going on rather than just enjoying the food.  We stayed with her until she decided she had had enough attention and wandered off to take up a position in the sunshine.  Bloody Hell animals are such a worry - we shall be glad now to hand back the responsibility!!

We set off down to the coast deciding to stop at Limni for our walk rather than drive on further as the weather looked more and more unsettled the further we went.  In fact we heard later from Tanith that they had experienced a snow shower in amongst that grey cloud.  The weather forecast is for it to turn much much colder and for there to be some snow next week - blimey that will come as a bit of a shock to the system as we have been in shorts this week.

Interestingly if we looked behind us the weather was a completely different story and I know which one I preferred!!! It looked as though the clouds were being blown across towards Turkey so with any luck (and a following wind) we weren't going to get wet.

We found a small track leading down to the beach that seems to be new - or at least we haven't noticed it before but it must be official because there is an information board at the end of it which had a tiny little bird sitting on the top of it taking its life into its hands (or wings in this case) as it was a hunting day!!

We had been right about the bad weather moving away and so for the time we spent on the beach it was bright and sunny and warm.  I love the beach at this time of year - there is no-one else around.
We walked away from Limni Pier towards Polis enjoying the fresh air.  There is some green to the landscape and the sunshine made the sea the most fantastic colour.

We have had a lovely Christmas and have had brilliant weather so at least we haven't been confined indoors all the time unlike the poor people in the UK who have had horrendous weather to contend with and our thoughts go out to all those affected by flooding.

We had a brief trip to Paps bumping into Paul (of Elaine and Paul) who was busy getting ingredients for the meal he is cooking for New Year's Eve.  He said he was doing Thai and we have sampled his Thai cooking so whoever is joining them is in for a treat.

Paps was fairly quiet except for the meat counter which was like a rugby scrum - fortunately we didn't need anything so gave it a stiff ignoring.  Although this was a rare occasion when the ticket system was in use people have a habit of claiming ignorance as to how it works and so the whole thing falls into complete and utter chaos.

As a little treat to ourselves and to refill the wine rack after the Giolou locusts had hammered it on Monday (only joking!!!) we decided to go over to the Winery and stock up.  We had thought about sitting out on the terrace but by the time we got there the weather had closed in around Kathikas so we retreated to the warmth of the lounge and the log fire instead!

Fortunately they were doing food so we decided to have a pitta each and wash it down with a glass of wine before heading home and snuggling up on the sofa with the fire lit and a mega date with Luther - John and I are hooked on Luther - such a shame there are only a few series to watch because at this rate we will have them smashed out in no time.  We can't believe we missed this the first time round - although the weirdo in the mask in Series 2 is going to give me nightmares.

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