Monday, 22 February 2016

A Nice Surprise

So our week started with a lovely surprise as John and I had won an hour long couples massage at Ambiental Touch down in Polis - so as John says, that's my birthday present sorted then!!!  Niky from Ambiental is going to be trying belly dancing tonight so I will be able to meet her.  Sadly Diana wont be wobbling with us as she has to go for a little op today and will be recovering.

I have eventually finished one side of our new hot water bottle covers.  I have been having real trouble with my hands and in particular my thumb on my left hand so haven't been able to do anything like this for a bit.  It means that I can investigate a dog jumper for Lou-Lou's dog Middy - I promised I would knit one and then when I tried a couple of weeks back my hands just ached too much.  I will finish our hottie covers and then give it a go.  I managed to get some fat short needles from Infinity Stitchcraft last week and then found out that the girl I bought them from is the same woman who bought our old CRV and it was parked outside still with the silver geckos attached!

Today we could really feel as if Spring has arrived because this morning before 9.00 it was already 19 degrees outside and warmer than inside!  The forecast for the week is good and we are pleased because Jane and John arrive on Wednesday.  This time last year we were having snow!!!

We decided o a nice eggy breakfast this morning courtesy of Savvas and his livestock.  I am not sure if I had a goose egg or not but what I can tell you is that it had the yellowest yolk I have had in a very long time and it was delicious.

The good weather really makes you feel so much more energised so before I even went to Sheila's for art I got the sewing machine out to make some alterations to the curtains that we have at the little windows either side of the wood burner chimney.  We used to have some nice blinds there which I got in Jumbo very cheap but over the years the mechanism and string failed and they no longer stock them and I haven't been able to find any replacement so these curtains have gone back up.

When they were originally made the seam that the pole goes through was too tight so I cannot reach to draw them back and so we sit in darkness until John does them and I hate it - I can't stand being in a half light.  I have now made the seam bigger so that I can pull them back a fair way and let the light in - this is going to be important when John nips back to the UK otherwise I will have been driven insane!!  I am on the lookout for some small roman blinds so if anyone knows of any please please please let me know.

Life is so good on a day like today - John was going off down to Polis to do the shopping and to return the key that Susan gave me which she thought belonged to Sharon but was in fact her own dorr-key - duffer!!!

I was going off to Sheila's for my regular art session - had to catch up with someone at the Hotel first so John dropped me off there and I walked to Sheila's.  Everything looks so much better in the sunshine.

This morning Sheila finished her picture of the old man and has now started on one of an old Cypriot lady.  This one is more colourful that the previous one which was in shades of black and white (50 shades of grey??)

I finished my picture of the little boy running towards the sea - I have really enjoyed doing this one and I am pleased that it will be going to a good home.  It was nice to stretch myself with trying a body - quite difficult to get proportions right and skin tones but at least with a 'loose' picture like this you can get away with a bit of artistic licence!!!

A new picture required for next week then - I have found two or three pictures similar to this one so think I will do another beach and children scene for the next time.

It was a really pleasant walk back through the village today - not that I saw anyone much but the people that I did see all now recognise me and will acknowledge me which is nice - they probably refer to John and I as the mad English couple from near the school!

I am always armed with my camera and like to take a snap of things which catch my eye - not sure what these holes were for originally - they are on the outside of a house which doesn't appear to be occupied but I saw a splash of colour from out of the corner of my eye.

The horse is back next door to Marion's house.  It wont be too long before all the lush green is gone and she is left with little to graze on so she needs to make the most of it whilst she can.

I shall nip out with some apples tomorrow if we have some left and give her a bit of a treat.

When I got back home John had done the shopping and had moved the wood that he and John Read had chopped up yesterday so we are now ready for next year.  If the weather continues like it is today we won't be lighting the woodburner again very much - this is good news as John is worried about me and the woodburner whilst he is away and to be honest I can't wait to give the house a really good clean when there is no more sooty air around.

We took a trip out to the Winery so that John could fill the empty holes in our wine rack.  It was glorious there and if I hadn't been off to belly dancing this evening - and giving Norma a lift back I would have been sorely tempted to sit out on the terrace with a bottle of AO!!!

 I will finish with a series of pictures of Charlie...
...we saw this box and T-Shirt cat bed on the internet and decided to give it a go.  Charlie is almost too big for it but he investigated and then gave it a stiff ignoring - the other cats have ignored it too so I don't think it will be staying around for too long.

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