Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Gardening day and the cupboard doors go on...

This morning we were up with the larks because Mr Plumber-Plumber-Man was coming back to sort "The Leak" and we had to ensure that the water tank was drained and that he could get to the problem without being impaled on a Christmas Tree (because this is where we store our Crimbo decorations).

I wanted to keep out of the way whilst the boys were playing with water - I could just envisage a whole multitude of  'Bugger-Its' emanating from the roof and water spewing out everywhere and I just didn't want to have to witness this so I decided today would be a good day to tackle the massively overgrown gardens out the front which belong to Gregoris our immediate neighbour to the front, Paul our immediate neighbour to our side and George our next-door-neighbour but one.  I cannot believe that the amount of excess geranium I chopped off looks like three times the size of the plant before it got a haircut.  I don't mind the gardening bit but it is the getting rid of the rubbish that is difficult.  Sharon was doing similar work up the road - she was busy tidying up before she had a delivery of a ton of shingle - there is no stopping her when she gets the bit between her teeth!!!

During the course of the clean-up something started to rustle away in the undergrowth.  I had banked on it being too cold at the moment for the snakes to have woken up and we haven't seen any lizards for the same reason so I wasn't sure what I was going to find.  I was more than pleasantly surprised to uncover a little tree frog.  I love them but with four cats on the prowl in the garden the tree frogs keep their distance.

I wanted to make sure that this little fella was put somewhere safe particularly as Chivers started to take a keen interest in his whereabouts.   I put him in the depths of some plants across the road and hoped that he would be far enough away from Chivers that he would survive, equally I didn't want Chivers to eat him because I believe that these frogs are somewhat toxic and the cats are usually pretty sick after they ingest one of these.

We were going out this evening - catching up with John and Susan now that they are back and in a routine.  Because of that we didn't want too much to eat during the day.  Once Mr Plumber-Plumber-Man had done his stuff and declared us drip free we cracked open the KitKats!!!

As John had had to take down everything from the void between the two bedrooms I took the opportunity to get out the old family paperwork which Dad rescued from my Gran's in Cornwall when she died.  My sister has recently been given a couple of cups and saucers which belonged to my great Grandma - known as Gran Paddy - and she had asked me if I could ascertain when Gran Paddy got married as the cups and saucers were part of a set given as a wedding present.  I found all sorts of information and could confirm that My great-Gran was married in 1908 but not baptised until 1909 so as Dad has just pointed out she was unlikely to have got married in a church not being baptised - I am going to have to check that out!! 

John tackled the cupboard doors this afternoon - not such a straightforward exercise as it might have been seeing as how he has to move hinges but he got them done in both bedrooms and I really like them as they are so much lighter and cleaner looking than the heavy wooden ones which were there previously.  We are now on the look out for new door knobs for the spare room furniture as we have a right old mix of wood and dark black - I like the ceramic ones that we have in our room - I got them off of the internet before we moved over here and they couldn't have been expensive but looking for them now they seem to have shot up in price and when you want nearly 30!!!!!

Apart from the main door to our bedroom our room is done and I am pretty happy with it - I used the fish-eye lens to try and get a photograph of the whole room - it has changed beyond recognition from when it used to be the guest bedroom with two single beds which used to situated underneath the window.  Mind you the old bed spreads would have gone with the current colour scheme!!   John will be glad that he can cross a couple more jobs off of his todo list!!

As I said we were out with Susan and John this evening - trying somewhere new and I managed to go and leave the memory card out of the camera so no shots unfortunately!!!

We were trying the Polis Herb Garden Restaurant which has sprung up where the old Laiki Bank used to be.  All the back of it is as it says a Herb Garden and inside there is a large dining area and a large bar area.  For a Wednesday night it was fairly busy - novelty factor I would expect as it only opened on Friday night.  It will be a great place to go with John's Mum and stepdad as it is in walking distance from the apartments.  The menu was traditional but a bit more upmarket than a grill-house.  We had a lovely evening - we haven't been out with John and Susan like that for months.

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