Monday, 1 February 2016

Monday - weather grim again - four Monday's in a row...

The forecast for this week is awful - sub zero temperatures and colder even than the UK - I know it is only for a short time but our houses are just not made for cold weather and being British we need to moan about it!!!

Clearly the best thing to combat the cold is some internal central heating - we sadly do not have the external kind!! So porridge is the order of the day and I am still on my honey and cinnamon routine so this was going into my porridge along with some sultanas - I kid myself that this is healthy - I don't know about that but it is warming and it fills me up so it can't be all bad.

It was certainly very cold last night.  The water that had settled on the temporary pool cover had now turned it into a skating rink.  My poor garden doesn't know if it is coming or going but I have learned from last year's experience that anything which survived the late snows last year will cope with the weather this year - it just all looks a bit sad as the hail, snow and frost has knocked things about.

We were treated to a little sunshine this morning and I was hopeful that my washing would dry but with little air movement that was not to be and I ended up having to finish it off by hanging it in the conservatory which I hate.

Sheila contacted me first thing to tell me to wrap up warm as the power-cut which they have been threatened with for the previous two Monday's had actually happened today and they didn't know exactly how long it was going to be off.  I didn't need to be told twice and layered up appropriately!!!  I am starting a new picture today at Art and it has taken we ages to decide what to do but have finally decided on my new project.

Whilst I was out with the washing and looking at how the garden had fared overnight I glimpsed down to the coast - this is not a good picture as I had the camera zoomed to the max but we don't often see white horses along the Argaka coast but it must have been wild down there this morning and boy does that water look cold!

John did not opt for the porridge option on the breakfast menu this morning - instead he decided to go for coddled eggs - I must admit we haven't had the coddlers out for ages so I had forgotten the cooking instructions and unfortunately left them in a little bit too long so they were more like hard boiled - I am going to have to give them another go because done right they are lovely and I have to thank our friends Jane and John (coming out soon so I hope the weather improves) for the coddlers.

Poor John is spending this morning looking at the state of our neighbour Gregoris's pool and also our neighbour George's pool - George's pool-man Stelios was involved in an accident at Christmas in Paphos and was knocked down and suffered injuries to both his legs - he has been operated on but apparently wont be mobile for at least six months so John told George and Stelios not to worry about the pool he would tick it over for a while.  John came back with frozen hands and a birds skull which he had rescued from the skimmer of George's pool - this can join the one of the turtle and the goat that is in the garden.

So I was going to walk to Sheila's but it was so cold I went in the car.  As I said I have started a new project this week and for want of something better to do this one is a study of a child playing in the sea.  I had thought about doing the flamingos but the quality of the photograph wasn't clear enough or detailed enough for me and I think it would have just looked like blobs.

So this will be just a small picture and shouldn't take me too long to complete.  In the meantime I am looking for something to really get my teeth into but I just haven't found the right thing yet.

Fortunately the electricity wasn't off for too long so we were able to enjoy one of Klaus's lovely lunches for which I am so grateful - his meals inspire me and they are delicious and I have to thank Sheila for allowing me to use all her paper and pencils and expertise!  Sheila is currently working on a really fantastic portrait of an old man - I shall take some pictures next week so you can see what she has done so far.

Back home it was a batten down the hatches and keep warm afternoon and John was watching the cricket so I decided to make some more cards.  I am trying to get my craft stuff down to a more manageable amount so that I can just top up what I need when I need it.

Louise has really got me into owls and I was really chuffed to see that the card I had made her for her birthday this week had travelled with her to India to be opened.  It looks like she and H are having a fantastic time over there and this week will fly by.  Anyway they are lucky to have escaped this winter weather!!!

I was not overly upset that belly dancing was cancelled this evening although it has now been weeks since I had the opportunity to shake my booty!!!  With the house toasty warm and River to watch on the box we settled down with the cats for a very pleasant evening.  It is lovely to have all four in - Chivers on our bed, Minnie in my arms and Charlie and Boris legs akimbo!!1

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