Friday, 12 February 2016

Our Sporty Day...

I forgot to mention that last night we had yet another theatre meeting - this is an attempt to create an Anglo/ Cypriot group which will put on a performance which would be primarily in English but maybe with a bit of Greek thrown in.  Progress is slow - painfully so at the moment as the initial flurry of interest seems to have wained.

I drove down picking Diana up en route.  It had been a pretty reasonable day but by 6.00pm there were some pretty angry looking clouds massing up over Arodes - strange formations in the sky maybe this is what the Green Party are concerned about - apparently they have a bee in their bonnet about vapour trails or something at the moment.  I just thought it looked quite pretty but then what do I know!!!

Anyway Diana and I spent an interesting evening watching a rather amateurishly videod performance of Lysistrata which is an interesting classically themed play about women withdrawing their sexual favours whilst their menfolk are involved in warfare - it has a comedic 'make love not war' theme apparently and seemed to feature a number of men sporting enormous erections!!!  Sadly this production was mainly in Greek so much of the humour got lost on us.  This is the play which Nikos is so keen for the group to perform but with Diana and I resolutely refusing to tread the boards so far there is only two others willing to act and it would appear that this play requires about 30+ cast members.  We have a long way to go but will persevere!!!

As a result I returned home quite a bit later than I had anticipated so it was a challenge to rustle up something for tea with the sad array of bits and pieces lurking in the backwaters of the fridge.  In the end I managed to create a pretty palatable Frittata using up potatoes, onions, lounza, peppers and cheese and eggs and John was more than happy to top of his meal with the remainder of the cheese cake I had got earlier in the day at the bakery in Prodromi.  John is a lover of cheesecakes and this looked to be something like a baked one - John said it was a bit on the stodgy side - he prefers the non-baked ones but still very nice.

Must send a big thank you to Diana for spotting some crumpets in Marks and Sparks today and grabbing a packet for John.  She is one of his many girlfriends to satisfy his love of a bit of crumpet as Orexi Elena brought some from Nicosia earlier in the week and they didn't even touch the sides and Mum had phoned today to say she has found some and will bring them up on Sunday.

I know a lot of people eat these with a sweet topping or just lashings of butter but we like to have them as a savoury with a poached egg on top and some bacon.

Fritatta, cheesecake and crumpets have all meant extra effort at the gym and today we were there bright and breezy at 8.00am!!!

It was a beautiful morning but the forecast isn't so good for the weekend which a shame as we have organised a 'fun' village clear up tomorrow which I fear will have to be cancelled.  Diana and I seemed to flag a little today and our routine appeared to be shorter as a result.

We didn't stay for a cuppa today as the poor bar guy was rushed off his feet serving breakfasts and, as we needed to get down to Paphos to pick up our new cupboard doors we weren't too upset to get home good and early.

We are thrilled with the work that Andreas has done for us - we have had a whole load of extra shelves for the cupboards in the kitchen and now he has made brand new doors for the built in wardrobes and cupboards above.  Having heard from friends how expensive carpentry has become we were amazed that our 10 new doors in a variety of different sizes only cost us €140 - bargain!!!

John had to pack them very carefully into the car and has a project putting them up next week.  He is going to have to match the new door to the old door to make sure he hangs it in the correct position so it matches up the holes made for the hinges - Krypton Factor stuff by the sounds of it!

Once these doors are in place we are going to take the main bedroom doors down to have new ones made and then hopefully a new door to the shower-room.  I think we would benefit from having a folding door but John is unconvinced.  We shall see but they will be much lighter and more modern - we just need to decide what to do with the old ones as they are solid wood and too good to give away or burn.

Mum is very happy that some of the seeds from the beautiful purple moonflower that we saw blooming down on the coast appear to have germinated - there was some debate as to whether the seedlings were in fact tomato plants but it would appear that they look like little babies of the master plant and so we are hopeful that they will survive and thrive.  The ones I planted have done nothing but they are outside and it is colder up here.

Frederico was back from his travels - tired out from doing whatever it is that an intact male does at this time of year!!!  He comes back battered and bruised and then settles back into his routine of sleeping, pestering for food, sleeping, cuddling up with Dad and sleeping.

We left Emba as the weather began to close in.  The forecast we right unfortunately and when we got back home we had to well and truly batten down the hatches as there was driving rain with hail mixed into it, thunder and lightning in the distance and a howling wind.  Doesn't look like the village clean will take place tomorrow at this rate.  February isn't being awfully kind to us so far - it had better buck its ideas up as Jane and John arrive in a couple of weeks time.  Still they are normally lucky when they come so perhaps they will bring the good weather with them.

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